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An Introduction to OpenNebula, A Project Perspective - Ignacio M. Llorente

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OpenNebula TechDay Kuala Lumpur, MY, 17 Feb 2016

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An Introduction to OpenNebula, A Project Perspective - Ignacio M. Llorente

  1. 1. An Introduction to OpenNebula A Project Perspective Ignacio M. Llorente OpenNebula Project Director © OpenNebula Project. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License
  2. 2. The Product one 210,000 downloads in the last two years
  3. 3. THE OPENNEBULA TECHNOLOGY A TURNKEY SOLUTION TO BUILD CLOUDS AND DATA CENTER VIRTUALIZATION ü  Only one OpenNebula distribution ü  Fully open-source, enterprise-ready ü  Delivered as a single, upgradable package ü  72 releases in 8 years LIGHT & SIMPLE Lightweight and easy to install, maintain, operate, upgrade and use FLEXIBLE Fully open-source and customizable to fit into any data center and policies ROBUST Production-ready, highly-scalable, reliable and supported POWERFUL Innovative functionality for private/hybrid clouds and DC virtualization OpenNebula.org
  4. 4. THE OPENNEBULA FEATURES FEATURES FOR VIRTUAL INFRA MANAGEMENT AND CLOUD ORCHESTRATION KVM Xen Virtual Infra Management • Capacity management • Multi-VM management • Resource optimization • HA and business continuity OpenNebula Cloud Management • VDC multi-tenancy • Simple cloud GUI and interfaces • Service elasticity/provisioning • Federation/hybrid vCenter VMware OpenNebula OpenNebula.org
  5. 5. Cloud Consumer Cloud Admin Cloud Architect THE OPENNEBULA FEATURES THE ANATOMY OF THE CLOUD OpenNebula.org
  6. 6. Cloud View ●  Simple one-click provisioning portal ●  Pre-loaded set of configurations ●  Access to usage information and quotas Flow ●  Multi-VM applications ●  Elasticity Rules ●  Easy parameterization of VMs Showback ●  Cost reports for resource usage ●  Set by CPU, Memory or disk usage ●  Associated with VM Templates Interfaces & APIs ●  CLI tools ●  Multiple API Bindings THE OPENNEBULA FEATURES THE CLOUD CONSUMER PERSPECTIVE OpenNebula.org
  7. 7. Deployment and Integration ●  Simple installation and upgrade ●  Hook system and HA configurations ●  VM contextualization Virtual Infrastructure Operation ●  Life cycle management VMs ●  Virtual Network and Storage Consumption and Delegation Capacity Management ●  Scheduling policies ●  User & Groups ●  Accounting, quotas, permissions & ACLs Interfaces ●  Sunstone GUI ●  Powerful CLI THE OPENNEBULA FEATURES THE CLOUD ADMIN PERSPECTIVE OpenNebula.org
  8. 8. Federation of Multiple DCs ●  User access to multiple DCs ●  Local management of DC resources ●  Minimal synch. to tolerate big latencies Hybrid Cloud Computing ●  Seamless integration of external cloud ●  Local & Remote VM profiles ●  Allocation policies Provisioning of Virtual Datacenters ●  Group users, resources and infrastructure ●  Delegate management of virtual resources ●  Partition/isolation cloud resources Flexibility & Extensibility ●  Platform Independent ●  Flexible Architecture ●  Easily integrated with existing tools THE OPENNEBULA FEATURES THE CLOUD ARCHITECT PERSPECTIVE OpenNebula.org
  9. 9. The Community 1,000 people registered at dev.opennebula
  10. 10. THE OPENNEBULA COMMUNITY THE POWER OF USER-DRIVEN VENDOR-AGNOSTIC DEVELOPMENT Develop Open-source Apache code Transparent process Public roadmap Communicate User groups Cloud technology days OpenNebulaConf Integrate Add-ons catalog Ecosystem directory Use Give us feedback Contribute experiences Help support new users BBC OpenNebula.org
  11. 11. Thanks for hosting a TechDay! NEW CLOUD TECHDAYS IN 2016 EDUCATION EVENTS HOSTED BY USERS OpenNebula.org
  12. 12. 25 - 27 October 2016 in BARCELONA OpenNebula CONFERENCE 4th edition! OpenNebula.org
  13. 13. The Users one Now running > 3,000 clouds Largest cloud with 270,000 cores
  15. 15. “We are no experts on OpenNebula, but then, we don't have to be. It simply works!”
  16. 16. “Our design is working as expected we created a new data center in just 2 days”
  17. 17. The Commitment one The Open Cloud
  18. 18. THE OPENNEBULA COMMITMENT BRINGING SIMPLICITY, OPENNESS, RELIABILITY AND FLEXIBILITY TO THE CLOUD Openness Run production-ready software that is fully open-source without proprietary extensions that lock you in Reliability Your cloud will run for years with little maintenance Flexibility You can easily build a cloud to fit into your data center and policies Simplicity You do not need an army of administrators to build and maintain your cloud OpenNebula.org
  19. 19. Questions? Questions?
  20. 20. one
  21. 21. The Company Commercial Services to Build your Cloud OpenNebula.systems
  22. 22. THE COMPANY BEHIND OPENNEBULA DESIGN, BUILD AND OPERATE YOUR CLOUD ● Virtualization and IaaS Clouds in its DNA ● Traditional Open Source company: o  The company behind the OpenNebula project o  Leads the OpenNebula project activities o  Main contributor to the software ● Product Portfolio: o  Support Subscription with different SLAs o  Professional Services to design, build, and maintain clouds o  On-site and on-line training o  Fund a Feature program OpenNebula.systems
  23. 23. Customers ●  Companies with medium to very large DCs ●  Serving multiple industries A TECHNOLOGY COMPANY CUSTOMERS OpenNebula.systems PublicGamingFinance Telco Hosting
  24. 24. one
  25. 25. Which OpenStack?
  26. 26. Fully Enterprise-ready Open-Source Open-Source Proprietary Users Vendors
  27. 27. OpenNebula is a community of users
  28. 28. VS
  29. 29. OpenNebula is a fully open-source product ready to run in production environments
  30. 30. VS
  31. 31. A single cloud management platform can not be all things to all people