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OpenNebula Administrator View

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Tip & Tricks for OpenNebula Administrators

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OpenNebula Administrator View

  1. 1. OpenNebula Administrator View Xavier Peralta Ramos xavier.peralta@csuc.cat 24th May 2018 Cloud Tech Day Barcelona
  2. 2. OpenNebula • High Availabily for VMs • VM Groups Network • Migrations • Reuse Vlans Virtual Machines • Cgroups • Raw Data • Guest-Agent
  3. 3. OpenNebula High Availability feature for Virtual Machines •Execute a hook if a host error has been produced •You have to ensure the host has been crashed •Reboot the host by IPMI •OpenNebula can migrate or recreate virtual machines inside the failed host
  4. 4. OpenNebula High Availability feature for Virtual Machines •Define a Fence_IP in host attributes •Enable host hook on /etc/one/oned.conf •Edit fence_host.sh and add the command to reboot host
  5. 5. OpenNebula VM Groups •Set of related Virtual Machines •VM to Host affinity •VM to VM affinity •Role to Role affinity •Add the VM template to a Role
  6. 6. Network Migrations •Migrations takes a lot of time to complete •Migrations are done through the management network. •We need to do migrations through any other fastest network. •Append to /etc/hosts node1_migration with the IP of the fastest interface we have •Change dest_host=$2 for dest_host=$2_migration in /var/lib/one/tmp/vmm/kvm/migrate
  7. 7. Network Reuse Vlans •Predefined vlans •OpenVswitch •ONE add VNET ID to start Vlan
  8. 8. Network Reuse Vlans •Need to reuse the predefined vlans when select automatic Vlan ID •Create a script that connects to ONE DB and collects the used Vlan ID and return the first free Vlan to use. •Edit OpenNebula file /usr/lib/one/ruby/OpenNebulaJSON/VirtualNetworkJSON.rb to call this script every time is needed an automatic Vlan ID.
  9. 9. Virtual Machines Cgroups •Enable Cgroups for manage cycles of physical CPU in all hosts •Differences between CPU and VCPU if cgroups are enabled or not. Raw Data •Useful to pass raw parameters to hypevisor •Some of our VMs need special cpu flags that can be enabled here.
  10. 10. Virtual Machines Guest-Agent •Daemon that permits to comunnicate with guest from the host •Available for most of distributions, also Windows. •Permits to ask information about the guest. •ONE uses to ensure consistency of the snapshots by freezing the guest if its enabled. •Backup pluging for qcow2 images uses this feature to make a snapshot and blockcommit later.
  11. 11. ¡Gracias! xavier.peralta@csuc.cat