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Rancher Labs - Your own PaaS in action

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A quick look at Rancher Labs and all it does to make Kubernetes easier to manage.

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Rancher Labs - Your own PaaS in action

  1. 1. rancher.com@rancher_labs Kubernetes
  2. 2. !2 What is Kubernetes? • is a portable, extensible open-source platform for orchestrate containerized workloads and services. • is developed by google. • facilitates both declarative configuration and automation. • has a large, rapidly growing ecosystem. • services, support, and tools are widely available.
  3. 3. !3 Schedulers and Orchestrators
  4. 4. !4 What Makes Kubernetes Unique? • Modular and well-abstracted API • Based on 10+ years experience running containers at Google • Decentralized approach to shared services (Pod model) • Support of a large company
  5. 5. !5 Kubernetes momentum
  6. 6. !6 OrchestrationTrends Source: CNCF (https://www.cncf.io/blog/2017/06/28/survey-shows-kubernetes-leading-orchestration-platform/)
  7. 7. !7 InfrastructureTrends Source: CNCF (https://www.cncf.io/blog/2017/06/28/survey-shows-kubernetes-leading-orchestration-platform/)
  8. 8. !8 Ecosystem • Not a technical argument • Business != Software • Business = Software + EconomicValue
  9. 9. !9 Ecosystem
  10. 10. !10 Kubernetes is Hard •0 out of every 10 people claim Kubernetes is easy. •Since we launched Rancher; the vast majority (75% + ) choose our native scheduler and user experience. •Kubernetes most powerful features are also its greatest weakness (usability).
  11. 11. !11 Common Kubernetes Challenges in the Enterprise •Networking – how do you understand your security/access model? •Deployment Consistency – so many ways to deploy, how do you know its done correctly? •Access Control / Enterprise Identity integration – how do I keep authentication centralized? •Security policy – how do I ensure image scanning / runtime scanning is enforced? •Chargeback – how do I appropriate usage of shared resources to the right team? •Platform monitoring – how do I make sure my k8s platform is meeting its SLA?
  12. 12. !12 Example: Networking Policy
  13. 13. !13 How do we Solve this Problem? •Better training and education
 •Making Kubernetes more opinionated/turnkey
 •Cloning Kelsey Hightower
  14. 14. !14 Improving the Lives of K8s Users One Commit at aTime •The team at Rancher has asked themselves “What if we could make the user experience as intuitive and simple as Docker, while still harnessing the power of Kubernetes?” •Additionally,“How do we address the unique requirements of the enterprise without sacrificing the freedom and openness of the cloud native world?”
  15. 15. !15 Enterprise Kubernetes Made Easy Rancher 2.0… •is an enterprise container management platform that makes it easy for organizations to adopt Kubernetes. •IT organizations can deploy, manage and secure any Kubernetes deployment regardless of where it is running. •is intuitive to use, and built to support DevOps teams, as they use containers to automate operations and move to continuous delivery. •is used by more than 5,000 organizations to unlock the value of containers and Kubernetes, including industry leaders like Sony, Disney, Fidelity, Aviva, Cisco, and BNP.
  16. 16. !16 We understand the enterprise requirements Supported Distribution of Kubernetes Multi-Cluster Management Centralized Policy/Security Management Workload Management DevOps will use
  17. 17. rancher.com@rancher_labs Rancher
 Complete Container Management Platform
  18. 18. !18 Rancher Labs Mission •The most complete container management platform •A simplified Linux distribution built from containers, for containers •Open source project for microservices- based distributed block storage •We want to enable organizations of all sizes to use containers effectively, on any platform or infra provider. •We believe in open source as the best way to get there, giving users freedom to use/ modify/contribute to the solution. •We think vegetarians are awesome despite our association with meat products
  19. 19. © 2018 Rancher Labs, Inc.!19 90M Downloads March 2016 September 2016 February 2018 1MDownloads Rancher 1.0 GA Source: Docker Hub Rancher grown since 1.0 release
  20. 20. !20 Rancher customers
  21. 21. © 2018 Rancher Labs, Inc. Manage any K8s cluster on any Infrastructure
  22. 22. !22 Enterprise Container Management Platform built on Kubernetes Infrastructure Team n Container ManagementDevelopment Pipelines Team 2 Team 1 Central IT InfrastructureInfrastructure Identity/RBAC Cloud Credentials Ops & Monitoring Security Policies Kubernetes Dev Staging Prod Kubernetes Dev Staging Prod Kubernetes Dev Staging Prod
  23. 23. !23 Kubernetes is everywhere Host 1 Host 2 Host n… RKE Cluster Host 1 Host 2 Host n… GKE Cluster Host 1 Host 2 Host n… AKS Cluster Host 1 Host 2 Host n… EKS Cluster DBYour Applications LB
  24. 24. !24 Managing entire enterprise Kubernetes stack App Catalog CI/CD Monitoring & Logging Access Control Orchestration & Scheduling Container Engine Network & Storage Cloud Integration Config DB Secrets and Security Registry Enterprise Kubernetes
  25. 25. !25 Authenticate with your enterprise backend
  26. 26. !26 Create or Mount any Kubernetes Cluster
  27. 27. !27 Manage K8s Clusters
  28. 28. !28 Create Users and Manage Projects
  29. 29. !29 Manage Deployments
  30. 30. !30 App catalog now with Helm charts
  31. 31. !31 What Rancher Adds to Kubernetes Cluster Operations and Management • Install and manage Kubernetes clusters on VMware, bare metal, or any infrastructure • Provision GKE, AKS, EKS clusters • Centralized Security Policy Management • Cluster Capacity Management • Centralized Authentication and RBAC policy • Integration with Active Directory, SAML and LDAP Application Management • Workload UI and Projects • Private Application Catalogs • Integrated Monitoring with Prometheus • Integrated CI/CD pipelines • Integrated Log Aggregation • Integrated ELK Enterprise Support • Complete Stack Support and Root Cause Analysis
  32. 32. !32 Rancher Difference Efficiency – simple to set up and has an easy to use yet powerful user interface for managing both applications and infrastructure services Complete – includes everything you need to deploy, run and manage containers in production No vendor lock-in – includes a rich set of container orchestration capabilities as well as distributions of multiple commercially available container technologies (Kubernetes, Docker, Mesos) while maintaining a single management framework Infrastructure agnostic – does not limit users to any specific infrastructure, whether on premises or in the cloud Portable infrastructure services - infrastructure services management and the overlay networking, storage and load balancing capabilities provide the basis for portability across infrastructure providers and dramatically shorten the time to deployment Fully open source – unlike Docker Data Center and Tectonic, Rancher is a fully open source management platform Boundless networking – unlike any other container management platform, implements networking that can cross datacenter or cloud boundaries
  33. 33. !33 Rancher supports the entire container platform Root Cause Analysis across all issues Cluster Operations and Management • Includes support and fixes for Rancher software, including all embedded services such as Prometheus, Vault, Elasticsearch, Kibana, etcd, and any others. Kubernetes Support • Ensure proper integration with supported cloud providers, including GKE, AKS, and EKS • Ensure Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) supports the latest stable release of Kubernetes • Fix any issues in the Kubernetes code-base installed by RKE • Upstream fixes when necessary for Kubernetes installed by RKE • Ensure upgrade of Kubernetes between versions, across any supported Kubernetes cluster Docker Support • Ensure RKE works with Docker shipped in RHEL, Ubuntu and RancherOS • For open-source Ubuntu and CentOS, Rancher will embed and support a Docker Daemon.
  34. 34. !34 Rancher consulting engagements Application Architecture, CI/CD and Ops Application Architecture Best Practices Guide
 Workshop to develop a set of best practices around containerizing applications, focused on application architecture, security, and resiliency. CI/CD workflow and architecture
 Design workshop for developing a complete CI/CD workflow design, including automating build, test, deployment, upgrades, and all necessary integrations. Application Operations Best Practices Guide
 Workshop to develop an operations guide for teams running workloads on the container platform, focused on resiliency, monitoring, logging, release management, service delivery, secret management, security, etc. Platform Architecture, Ops and Security Deployment Architecture Development
 Design workshop for defining a complete architecture for the container platform, deployment models, infrastructure options, storage, networking, and high availability. Operations Best Practices Workshop
 Develop an Best Practices Guide for operating the platform, with a focus on testing, lifecycle management, Security Model Development
 Developing a Container Security Model focusing on, authentication, RBAC, OS security, pod security, network security, logging, audit, image security, secret management, and policy management. •
  35. 35. © 2018 Rancher Labs, Inc. @Rancher_labs http://rancher.com Thank you