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Diet Catering Module

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Odoo Experience 2019
Diet Catering Module
Piotr Cierkosz, Ciertech

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Diet Catering Module

  1. 1. Diet Catering Module By CierTech
  2. 2. About me We are Odoo developer based in Dublin, Ireland. CierTech is a Technology Startup set up by Piotr Cierkosz in 2019. We provide affordable ERP Services mostly for small and medium enterprises. We have invested a lot of time and money into the project but doing this makes us feel that we do what we supposed to. It is not about the money - it is our passion
  3. 3. Diet Catering Growing Market Diet Catering industry is growing especially in western countries where customers have more resources and less time for cooking Life changing Customers choose to get healthy food instead of classic fast- food delivery. Future A-Z complete nutrition delivered daily
  4. 4. Diet Catering Module Module offers integrated solutions for Diet Catering Providers in order to reduce usage of excel, integrate catering orders with other company’s aspects thanks to Odoo.
  5. 5. Customer experience Allows customer to choose diet type, inclusions, number of calories as well as prefered time of delivery eCommerce Integration Integrates with Odoo eCommerce/Website modules
  6. 6. Building blocks Necessary blocks for: - Calories - BMI - BMR - Macro
  7. 7. Business integrated Odoo Built on Odoo framework giving possibility to control entire business with other Odoo modules. Customers Allows to personalize the diets as well as delivery times Company Easier life for: - Dieteticiens - Kitchen staff - Delivery personel
  8. 8. Interface Control tabs for: - Plans - Orders - Pricing - Reports - Settings
  9. 9. Diet Planner Here user can: - Create diet (Odoo Product Template) - Add special pricing (for example discounts for number of meals, calories etc.) - Upload diet thumbnail
  10. 10. Quotations / Orders Here user can: - View Quotations - View Orders - Based on original Odoo Sales Module
  11. 11. Pricing Here user can: - Set pricing rules - Set discounts for subscription length - Attribute Discounts
  12. 12. Reports for Kitchen and Delivery Here user can: - Print Kitchen & Delivery reports - Assign Delivery Driver - Set orders as processed
  13. 13. Live Demo See our module in action
  14. 14. Contact Piotr Cierkosz info@cier.tech www.cier.tech