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7 distributed storage_open_stack

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  • looks great, thinking about using it as storage for new varicloud project
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7 distributed storage_open_stack

  1. 1. Distributed Storage in OpenStack Vijay Bellur GlusterFS co-maintainer Red Hat
  2. 2. Agenda Storage in OpenStack Today Future Distributed Storage Options Pros/Cons Distributed Storage with GlusterFS Architecture & Concepts Integration with OpenStack Benefits Q & A
  3. 3. Storage in OpenStack Prominent Use Cases Today: Swift Cinder Ephemeral Glance
  4. 4. Prominent Use Cases Today
  5. 5. EMERGING USE CASES: Savanna Manila Raksha Trove DRaaS
  6. 6. Savanna
  7. 7. Raksha
  8. 8. Manila Manila aims to be the shared filesystem management project for OpenStack. Provides tenant specific file shares Planned for incubation in Icehouse Interest from several NAS vendors More details available at https://launchpad.net/manila
  9. 9. Trove Database as a Service for Openstack Snapshots to Swift Logs to Manila?
  10. 10. DRaaS Ongoing efforts in various services to provide Disaster Recovery.
  11. 11. Distributed Storage - Options Some open: Ceph GlusterFS Sheepdog and some not so open: GPFS Scality
  12. 12. SDS - Why Advantages of Software Defined Distributed Storage: Runs on commodity hardware Cost Effective Leverage recent Hardware innovations Flexible Scale-out approach blends in with ecosystem Resilient to node failures High Availability Enables Live Migration
  13. 13. SDS - Why NOT Performance Location awareness helps Tiered distributed storage can actually improve performance!
  14. 14. Distributed Storage - GlusterFS
  15. 15. GlusterFS GlusterFS is an open source distributed file system capable of scaling to several petabytes. Aggregates storage building blocks over Infiniband RDMA or TCP/IP interconnect to provide unified namespace. Filesystem is stackable and completely in userspace.
  16. 16. GlusterFS Deployment
  17. 17. GlusterFS Architecture & Concepts
  18. 18. GlusterFS Translators Building blocks for GlusterFS process Translators can be stacked together to achieve desired functionality Can be loaded on client or server stacks - mostly deployment agnostic
  19. 19. GlusterFS Translators
  20. 20. GlusterFS Concepts
  21. 21. GlusterFS Brick A brick is the combination of a node and an export directory Each brick inherits limits of the underlying filesystem Ideally, each brick in a cluster should be of the same size
  22. 22. GlusterFS Volume A volume is a logical collection of bricks A volume is identified by an administrator provided name Volumes can be either distributed, striped, and/or replicated Most administrative actions tied to a volume today
  23. 23. Distributed Volume Distributed files across various bricks of the volume Directories are present on all bricks of the volume
  24. 24. Replicated Volume Creates synchronous copies of all directory and file updates Provides high availability of data when nodes failures occur Transaction driven for ensuring consistency
  25. 25. Striped Volume Files are striped into chunks and placed in various bricks Recommended only when very large files greater than the size of the bricks
  26. 26. Distributed Replicated Volume Distribute files across replicated bricks Provides both Scale out and high availability Most preferred model of deployment currently
  27. 27. GlusterFS Volume Example Example: Create a six node distributed and replicated volume with a two-way mirror $ sudo gluster volume create myvolume replica 2 transport tcp server1:/export/brick/myvolume server2:/export/brick/myvolume server3:/export/brick/myvolume server4:/export/brick/myvolume server5:/export/brick/myvolume server6:/export/brick/myvolume $ sudo gluster volume start myvolume $ sudo mount -t glusterfs server1:myvolume /mnt/gluster/myvolume
  28. 28. Accessing GlusterFS volumes
  29. 29. Geo Replication Master-slave setup Asynchronous incremental replication Disaster recovery
  30. 30. GlusterFS with OpenStack
  31. 31. GlusterFS for Glance Shared storage capacity Geo Replication Storage resizing
  32. 32. GlusterFS for Ephemeral Storage (Nova) Shared storage capacity Live Migrations Protection using replicated storage Enhanced performance using libgfapi
  33. 33. GlusterFS for Cinder Shared storage capacity Geo Replication Hypervisor assisted snapshots Mostly Complete capability matrix
  34. 34. GlusterFS for Swift Data access over multiple protocols Shared storage capacity Geo Replication Swift Grizzly supported Swift Havana support in progress
  35. 35. OpenStack + GlusterFS Swift Use Case
  36. 36. GlusterFS performance
  37. 37. GlusterFS Benefits Unified Access for Block, File, Object and HDFS Modular extensible architecture Geo-replication Choice of interconnects - RDMA, GigE, 10GE Locality Compute / Virtualization transparent storage maintenance Integrated with RDO and RHOS
  38. 38. GlusterFS resources Mailing lists: gluster-users@gluster.org gluster-devel@nongnu.org IRC: #gluster and #gluster-dev on freenode Links: http://www.gluster.org http://hekafs.org http://forge.gluster.org
  39. 39. Thank You Questions ??