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US based Educational Institution manages 1500 devices using opmanager

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Educational Institution in USA manages 1500 devices using OpManager

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US based Educational Institution manages 1500 devices using opmanager

  1. 1. About the customer Founded 1914 Academic staff 1228 Students 21,011 Employees 58,052 Affiliations NCAA Division Campus Urban, 366 acres
  2. 2. Monitoring Requirements
  3. 3. • Simple and Unified network monitoring console • Monitor servers across multiple vendor OS • Provide end-to-end high availability across network to ensure that education traffic is not compromised by any network outages • Recognize and prioritize traffic to bandwidth- intensive applications • Monitor real-time collaborative applications, automate network configuration changes, and track user activities Monitoring Requirements
  4. 4. How did ManageEngine OpManager fulfill their requirement
  5. 5. Single, centralized, and easy-to-use network management console gives administrators powerful remote-management capabilities from a single console. Provides holistic view and easier control of all the devices on the entire IT
  6. 6. • In–depth visibility and control of both physical and virtual servers • Resolve server performance problems quickly • Monitor application performance • Over 100 out–of–the–box performance reports on server availability, resource utilization, fault events Server & Application performance management
  7. 7. • Monitor how exactly network bandwidth is being utilized • Recognize and prioritize maximum bandwidth for business-critical applications • Classify applications that hog the network bandwidth • Get real-time insight into the network bandwidth with one minute granularity reports. Flow–based network traffic analysis
  8. 8. • Comprehensive network uptime monitoring to ensure that all your network devices, services are up and running 24*7 continuously. • Provides real–time availability statistics, as well as detailed monitoring and analysis of network, servers and any other business critical applications. Network Availability Monitoring
  9. 9. • Multi vendor network change, configuration and compliance management • Schedule Configuration backup, track real-time configuration change: user activity tracking • Reports on Inventory, Configuration Changes, Compliance Network Configuration Management
  10. 10. Thank You prince.jabakumar@zohocorp.com