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ICD-10 Codes for Common Warm Weather Conditions

Due to intense exposure to hot temperatures, some warm weather diseases might occur. It is vital to use ICD-10 codes to report the correct diagnoses.

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ICD-10 Codes for Common Warm Weather Conditions

  1. 1. Warm weather diseases are caused by prolonged or intense exposure to hot temperatures and can make a person seriously ill. Risk factors for these conditions include physical activity, clothing, wind, humidity, working and living conditions, and a person’s age and state of mind. A reliable medical billing and coding company can help physicians report these conditions using the right ICD-10 codes for optimal reimbursement.
  2. 2. ICD-10 Codes for Common Warm Weather Conditions
  3. 3. Insect Bites S40-S49: Injuries to the shoulder and upper arm S41.151: Open bite of right upper arm Poison Ivy L23.7: Allergic contact dermatitis due to plants, except food S41.15 Open bite of upper arm
  4. 4. ICD-10 codes for related skin infections/disorders L00-L08: Infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue L10-L14: Bullous disorders L20-L30: Dermatitis and eczema L40-L45: Papulosquamous disorders
  5. 5. Swimmer’s Ear H60.33: Swimmer’s ear H60.331: Swimmer’s ear, right ear H60.332: Swimmer’s ear, left ear Heatstroke T67.0– Heatstroke and sunstroke T67.1– Heat syncope T67.2– Heat cramp T67.3– Heat exhaustion, anhydrotic
  6. 6. Experienced coders in reliable outsourced medical billing companies are familiar with all applicable codes for weather-related conditions and disorders and can assign the right ones.
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