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Boris Devouge (Microsoft) - DevOps on Azure

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Boris kicked off the meetup with Microsofts intro to the world of DevOps on Azure and how Microsoft is increasingly playing nice with the Open-Source world.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy86wfxT7fo

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Boris Devouge (Microsoft) - DevOps on Azure

  1. 1. DevOps on Azure Boris Devouge OSS Lead, Microsoft UK
  2. 2. “If ever there were definitive indications that Microsoft is changing its tune when it comes to open source software, its decisions involving .NET announced at this year's Build developer conference are evidence enough.”
  3. 3. Open Source Technology Center Open Solutions Group
  4. 4. Plan Develop ReleasePlan Develop & Test OperateRelease Ideation & Prototyping Prototype to working software Working software to Production Running software in Production
  5. 5. It’s Dev + Ops working together to deliver solutions quickly & reliably • #TagLine: Development and Operations are becoming a single role “Treat Infrastructure as Code” – CI/CD • Cloud Infrastructure and frameworks have programmatic interfaces (APIs) • Automate and increase determinism and idempotency of Ops
  6. 6. • Maintain a Single Source Repository • Automate the Build • Make Your Build Self-Testing • All Commits To the Mainline Every Day • All Commits Should Build • Keep the Build Fast • Test in a Clone of the Production Environment • Make it Easy for Anyone to Get the Latest Executable • Everyone can see what's happening • Automate Deployment • Validate on more production-like conditions earlier • Automate hand-offs/promotions to increase velocity through the different stages • Standardization on processes and assets between Dev and Ops • Automated monitoring and testing of quality and performance against service level agreements at multiple stages
  7. 7. Why do we need DevOps?
  8. 8. REQUIREMENTS OperateDevelop & Test WORKING SOFTWARE Plan.Consistentplatform for entire App lifecycle from Prototypeto Production Develop &Test.On-demand & integratedwith Source Control Release.Continuousdeploymentwith easy Roll- forward and Rollback. Operate.Manage, Monitor, Scale& Automate in the Cloud Measure& Learn. 360o shared visibilityacross Dev & Ops teams Build, Measure & Learn
  9. 9. Azure Cloud HybridEnterprise Grade Hyper-scale
  10. 10. Cloud Computing Patterns & Scenarios http://aka.ms/AzureCloudGuidance
  11. 11. Fortune 500 using Azure >57% More than 2,000 Linux VMs created each day >30TRILLION storage objects >300MILLION AAD users >21 % >280%Growth YoY Linux VMs >3 MILLION requests/sec >650k IaaS Cores
  12. 12. Ecosystem Provided Languages, Dev Tools & App Containers CMS & Apps Devices Databases Management MS Integrated Operating systems Bring your own libcloud jclouds IDE
  13. 13. Provisioning Monitoring & Diagnostics Development Azure CLI Knife- Azure Puppet CLI Vagrant- Azure Config Customization Release Management libcloud jclouds
  14. 14.    + many more!   
  15. 15. • Meet developers where they are : make Docker clients work great for Azure • Works today on Azure Linux VMs azure vm docker create -l <location> <vm-name> <image-name> <username> <password> • Docker API as the primary management interface for Windows Server/Linux containers. • Docker Hub as the public repo for Windows Server container images • Docker Hub Azure Marketplace integration, Orchestration support
  16. 16. https://github.com/azure