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12 selfies that you can't take back

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12 selfies that you can't take back

  1. 1. THE ”I FORGOT MY BOSS IS FOLLOWING ME ON I (A5 MADE POPULAR BY OBAMA’ INSTAG RAM" SELFIE What better way to respect the passing of an individual than posting a picture of how cute you look for their funeral? #YOU'R FIRED I THE SCENE OI‘ THE THE "I'M SO BUPP" CRIME SELFIE GYM SELPIE ¥ 4 . V V Zww 1: (I MEAN THESE ARE JUST OBVIOUS RIGHT? ) #3 Tot T a II # THE PRESHLY FAKE-BAKED SELPIE 8 THE FITTING ROOM THE OVERDRAWN SELFIE mrnnnow SELPIE Can't pay your rent cause all your If Y°” d° Y°U" °W" makeup. that's moneys spent but ycu stm f| y_ great. Just make sure that you do it right before you post to instagram. THE BUSTED BY THE MIRROR SELFIE If your "girlfriend" is gonna sneak a picture of you make sure there aren't any mirrors behind you. THE OVER AGED SELFIE If you don't know how to use google chrome how do you know how to use instagram?