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Selfie boom the good, the bad, and the ugly

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Selfie boom the good, the bad, and the ugly

  1. 1. THE GOOD, THE BAD. AND THE UGLY GO SELFIES TAKE UP 1/ 3 OF ALL PHOTOS TAKEN BY YOLIIB PEOPLE. settle. n. . / selte/ : A photograph that one has taken of oneself. typicaly one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a soclal rnedla wet: -slte 'Selfle' was added to the the Oxtora Olctlonary In 2013 The TI'! .Y. :. elflé- . -jrYl.3L8lJr Elle t~rlthu. ';l; L'. t namo: -‘ __ The first lncarnat-on ot the modern seltle was the ‘Myspace pic‘. popmar from 2006400& In 2010. Appie released the Whone 4 wlth a front lacing camera, sparking the settle boom. .. OVER 1 FIILLICNT SELFIES FIRE TRKEU ERCH DEW 59% 52% "Wilt M‘-‘C’ lnomen have taken 3 ; eI‘le lgkgen a 3,; -It"; 91°/ o ‘.2,-z-Hr. l‘-.9 rte '. .1kr-r1Jl', r‘lfrI' SELFIES FIRE MOST SI-IFIRED OI'| Though studies have shown teens prefer other soclal media mops to Facebook, It's st-ll the it stte tor seltle shares Elen Degeneres' celebrity-tilled same from the 2014 Oscars was the most-shared Tweet of all tlmel 8% 5% 8% I I 7 ISELFIE college-age glrls use TN’ "°'“° "“5'T"’3 snapcm‘ to sham has grown 200% s-nce selhdlsappearlng scltlcs. "W °98""“"8 °' 7°I3- OTI-IER FRFIOUS SELFIES. .. 0bama's Presidentlal settle Pope Franclss Pope settle Space settle THE 0000 Some say settles are empowering and promote a healthy salt-Image. The masslve amount at settles as a marnstreun put at culture challenge the I-mlted Wlollyvwxm Ideal’ of beauty. "THERE'S JUST SO MANY FORCES TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE (AND WINEN ESPECIALLY] FEEL BAO ABOUT HOW THEY LIIIK. AND I'M REALLY HAPPY THAT SELFIES HAVE BECINE SUCH A HUGE PHENOMENON, BECAUSE IT'S SERIOUS BLOWBACK TO THAT. " —CIIIISTINE LOVE. CREATINT If INTEIGTELIAR SELFIE STATION. THE 590 Others sees settles as promotlng narclsslsrh and selH>bsesslort E two thirds of pa! ients wlth body lmage dlsorders oosesshrely take settles. But does that mean sell"-es are an Ind-cotor of trouble? Teens post seltles for sell-vnlldat-on and posltnve feedback. but that doesn't mean they'll get it. 3’T of boys and 13% ot glrls retouch their sellies before posting. "PFIEOCCUPATIINI WITH SELFIES CAN BE A VISIBLE INUCATOB OF A YOUNG PEFISON WITH A LACK OF CONFIDENCE OB SENSE OF SELF THAT MICHT MAKE HIM OH HEB A VICTIM OF OTHER PROBLEMS AS WELL. “ —PAIELA HUTLEDGE, LIHECTOFI OF THE MEDIA PSYCHOLINIY RESEARCH CENTER. Tl-IE UGLV when taken too carelessly. seltles can have much more lastlng damage. 25% of all selt~takers have taken a sexwsclfle. 3% n‘ pr-nplr-. re-gu-t . '.oer‘a: Ilrv; :.-'. r)rv1cer: x'1¢eum-lfu-. Whetlre-, r | ll[tfl1Y. Il.1I.1I ur r1-1.9., 38% of Some say that ALL seltles have VEIJV 8 V€'9,'t9l bt"'Vdi"rP, £o¢. "»' i-€U‘¢f‘L. sexual mdertonos. as they are sell-approved. and meant to ellclt a posltrve lmpresslon or response. And Nhllr ! '.r'HlI"! l may hr an rm mr pm-r*. nmr~r‘<ln, Ihry : :.v1 ham .3 r_1arV‘agl~g ("tract on real-wr: -rl-3 relatlonsh-p5. vnclrldmg. 6 Marrlage and dating ‘a Parenting J i Work relationships FIORE MEWS TO USE The appllcatlon ot the seltle Isn't lust for personal use. however. Many lndustnes are taklng advantage of the settle craze. .. using settles to provlde advlce porsonallzed shopplng tlps and shop tor people. to Instagram users who use the hashtag Iner<t00TD on thelr seltles. Stvllsts and tashlon vseosltes are v, 10900: currently gives Selfles might be the next step in laclal recognition software! Sclllcs can be used In place of phys-cal tlclrets for porn ottlce events. Tlcltetleap provldes software that uses selfles Instead ot hercodes for event reglstrntlon. Ophthalmologists have round that -mages ot the anterlor segment ot the eye captured with a smatphone can be used tor realtlme dlagnoses. Tclemedlclnc is a growing trend. and settles sent to your doctor mlght alow for a ouch: dlagnosls wlthout an expensive trlp to the olflcel MORE ILIRVS TO THE popular that people are plattomn lid apps are belng created developing tripod: and to capture Images In unlque ways. remote control: for smarter seltie photography. Selfles have become so As seltre popaarlty grows. more As for telemedlclnc. new "PtIcams' can be swallowed and actually take detailed images as it moves through your body.