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Sly Mongoose: A Responsive Comic

Demonstration of a responsive comic, authored using HTML and CSS exclusively. Prepared for the Books in Browsers conference, October, 2011.
Proof-of-concept at www.defendini.com/bib

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Sly Mongoose: A Responsive Comic

  1. 1. Responsive Comics Pablo Defendini @pablod 28 October 2011 Books in Browsers
  2. 2. For print comics, the page is thecanvas: immutable, fixed and finite.
  3. 3. Digital comics as they stand now are static adaptations of print comics.
  4. 4. The mechanisms devised inorder to compensate for sizedifferences between print and screen often undermine the intent of the storytellers.
  5. 5. On a screen, layout is fluid, and can change depending on device. iPhone iPad Kindle Fire 13" Laptop
  6. 6. Web designers have addressed this problem via responsive designtechniques, most notably media queries.
  7. 7. What if...?
  8. 8. ...we employed responsive techniques tocreate comics specifically for the screen? iPhone iPad 13" Kindle Fire Laptop
  9. 9. My comic. Let me show you it**live proof-of-concept atwww.defendini.com/bib
  10. 10. On the iPhone:
  11. 11. On a 7" tablet
  12. 12. On the iPad
  13. 13. As a fixed-layout EPUB
  14. 14. Under the hood...
  15. 15. Localization.
  16. 16. Gracias. Sly Mongoose Written by Tobias S. Buckell @tobiasbuckell Translated by Mila Aponte González @marginaliaferozDrawn, designed and coded by Pablo Defendini @pablod