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Royal comfort on the luxury wheels

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India Tour on the luxury trains is a perfect idea for those who are looking for a perfect blend of luxury and royalty. It will definitely take you to your dreamland with varied and beautiful experiences.

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Royal comfort on the luxury wheels

  1. 1. royal comfort on the luxury wheelsLuxury train traveling has come a long way since the inception of the first luxury train, Palace on Wheels inthe year 1982. it has also led to more influx of tourists to the mystical land of India. The vast canvas of Indiais colored with variety of strokes of different colors. The luxury trains represents a moving palace drenchedin sheer luxury and comfort of the royals. Not only the international tourists but also the domestic tourists areenthusiastic of making luxury travel and discovering the beautiful colors of India. There are a number oftrains added to the fleet of luxury trains in India and mentioned below are a few of them. Opulent Golden ChariotGolden Chariot is aesthetically crafted to give the tourist a royal taste complemented by the beauty of thedestinations covered in the luxurious tour. Run by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation, ittakes you to the land of heritage monuments, religious temples and shrines, architectural marvels, goldenbeaches, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, cascading waterfalls, pristine lakes, misty hills, picturesque plains,
  2. 2. grooves of palm and coconut trees, religious fairs and festivals. Drenched in luxury, this heritage on wheelstakes you to a sojourn in the Southern region of India. It allows you to re-live the bygone era and relish thelifestyle of the Maharajas. This luxury tour makes you engulf in the magic, fragrances and essence of themarvelous architectures and the natural wonders of the states of Goa and Karnataka.The luxurious cabins areadorned with antique decors and unique paintings which provide royal comfort and elegance with a perfectcombination of the past era and the modern lifestyles. In a royal ambience in the multi-cuisines restaurants ofRuchi and Nala, you can relish awesome delicacies. The spa saloon housed inside this luxury wheels offersrelaxing and rejuvenating experiences by the ayurvedic therapies and massages. You can also keep high inspirits in the lounge cum bar and enjoy the beauty of the picturesque landscape as the train traverses throughit. Elegant Deccan OdysseyDeccan Odyssey, the benchmark in the field of luxurious train journey in India is one of the famous luxurytrains. It is a interpretation of royal luxury and comfort which is inherent in all the cabins. They are givenroyal touches with lavish furnishings, period furniture, exquisite decors and anitque paintings. The facilitieson board the Deccan Odyssey meet the standards of five star hotels. This opulent train is equipped withstate-of-the-art facilities like Wi-Fi, LCD, air conditioners which gives awesome experiences to the travelers.All the cabins are attached with spacious bathrooms which are equipped with all modern facilities like lavishshowers, royal bathtubs etc. The plush interiors and the mouth-watering cuisines inside the restaurants givethe travelers exhilarating moments. Keep yourself in spirits in the lounge cum bar and pamper yourself withthe rejuvenating ayurvedic therapies and massages in the spa. This interesting tour showcases the best oftourism assests of Maharashtra in the destinations like Aurangabad, Mumbai, Ellora, Ajanta, Kolhapur and ofGoa in the palm fringed golen beaches, white washed cathedrals etc.
  3. 3. Royal Rajasthan on WheelsThis luxury wheels offers its guests regal sojourn which takes the travelers to the land of Rajputana. Modeledon the first luxury train in India, this royal train started rolling on the wheels in the year 2009. It is a jointventure of Indian Railways and Rajasthan Tourism. The pristine historical experiences in sheer comfort andluxury will give you some golden experiences. It is designed on the basis on contemporary royal style whichgives its guests fabulous opportunity to enjoy the life of the royals on the moving wheels. The magic of theregal sojourn starts as it rolls on the tracks through the beautiful alleys of nature. Witness the colorfulaspects of Rajasthan in the grand palaces and forts, centurion art and craft, age old cultures and traditions,beautiful landscapes of nature and exotic wildlife, and fascinating fairs and festivals. Perceive the intriguingsagas of the temples in Khajuraho, experience the spiritual aspects in Varanasi and witness the world marvel,Taj Mahal in Agra while enjoying the lifestyle of the Royals.