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Our clothes ad

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By Antonio and Hector. This is a school work

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Our clothes ad

  1. 1. By Antonio Madrid and Hector Fernandez In this ¨ad¨ we are going to show what we have for this autumn and winter
  2. 2. In this season we have a new variety of clothes in stock like these warm winter coats
  3. 3. We have a lot of sweaters too, like these black ones, made of wool or polyester, for men and women
  4. 4. And we have too a lot of warm jackets like these ones, but in all colors and sizes
  5. 5. Theres a whole new variety for jeans and trousers for women, like these new ones
  6. 6. There are also for men, of all colors and sizes, just say what do you need and you´ll get it
  7. 7. We have also a lot of new shoes for men and women , of all kinds and prices. Choose what you like
  8. 8. And for the young people we have also a lot of new trainers like these ones, of all sizes and prices
  9. 9. There are a lot of new boots, like these ones. If you want some resistant boots for climbing for instance, come and get it
  10. 10. Do you want to keep your hands warms, isn´t it? Then come here and get a new pair of gloves, for men and women, leather or woolen
  11. 11. We have also a lot of hats from all types and sizes, like this one, to keep your head warm and dry
  12. 12. Do you want a new cool t-shirt? Then you´ve seen the right ad, because we have a lot of new shirts and t- shirts of all sizes and colors for a good price, like these ones
  13. 13. We have also a lot of new tracksuits for gym and footing, of all sizes and prices and very resistant, for men and women
  14. 14. So, you´re looking for a suit, isn´t it? Then come here. We have a lot of suits for a good price, for men and women
  15. 15. So, your trousers don´t fit you, isn´t it? We have a lot of new belts, like these ones. Come and get a new one. You will finally wear those big trousers
  16. 16. There´s a good notice for women: We have also a new variety of purses. Come here and get the new one, quickly
  17. 17. Let me guess: you want a new necklace and the ones you´ve found are very expensive, isn´t it? Then come here and buy a new golden one for a good price
  18. 18. We also have rings for men and women. Your fingers won´t be emply anymore if you buy a golden one
  19. 19. Oh, I nearly forgot, we have a lot of new earrings too, for men and women, of gold and silver , with diamonds or qithout them, make your choice.
  20. 20. Come and get what you want here, quickly! Everything 50 % off for a limited time