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Change Management

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The What Why How of Change Management.

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Change Management

  1. WHY WHAT HOW The of Change Management
  2. WHY WHAT HOW The of Change Management The Purpose
  5. DO YOU HAVE A PURPOSE? Purpose serves to change the state of conditions in a given environment, usually to one with a perceived better set of conditions or parameters from the previous state.
  6. Put PURPOSE in the center
  7. WHY WHAT HOW The of Change Management The Methodology
  8. Create PROJECT TEAM
  9. establish leadership alignment; create the desire and will to change; build project team clarity around objectives, roles, scope and processes. Create PROJECT TEAM
  10. ANALYZE Change Needs
  11. Evaluate the impact of the change on stakeholders; identify existing change processes and communication channels; clarify the business case for change. ANALYZE Change Needs
  12. GAME PLAN Design & Execute
  13. Develop the detailed Change Game Plan; identify resources and assign responsibilities for execution of the plan. Deliver on the Change Game Plan elements. GAME PLAN Design & Execute
  14. MOMENTUM Sustain the
  15. Measure progress and success; share best practices for continuous improvement. MOMENTUM Sustain the
  16. WHY WHAT HOW The of Change Management The Change Levers
  17. 1.0 leadership … its about inspiring
  18. 2.0 involvement … its about engaging
  19. 3.0 communicating … its about sharing information of change
  20. 4.0 learning … its about building skills and competence
  21. 5.0 measurement … its about defining, quantifying and monitoring
  22. 6.0 reinforcement … its sustaining behavior change over time
  23. WHY WHAT HOW The of Change Management The Purpose The Change Levers The Methodology
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