Pitching Class

Entrepreneur à Nuesto Technology
21 Dec 2019

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Pitching Class

  1. Pitching Class Oct 9, 2019
  2. Hello,myname is Panji Business Activities  Qiwii – Online Queuing App  Ruangreka – Creative Hub and Coworking Space  Mentoring.ID – Collaborative Learning Platform Pitch@Palace Asean 2018
  3. One of Key Role of a CEO is to Evangelize the Product and the Business You have to Explain your Business & Product in every occasion Remember…
  4. Type& Purpose Product Presentation • Audience: Prospective Customer • Purpose: Selling the Product Business Profile Presentation • Audience: Strategic Partner, Investor • Purpose: Build Strategic Partnership, Raise Investment Teaching Presentation • Audience: Student / Learner • Purpose: Share Knowledge Planning & Reporting • Audience: Superordinate, Subordinate,Peer • Purpose: Communicating specific
  6. One day you coincidently being in the same elevator with Mark Zuckerberg or Partner of Sequoia Capital Will you seize the opportunity? How will you start the conversation? Imaginethat..
  7. ElevatorPitch  Is a short summary used to quickly and simply define something  Takes no more than 60 seconds  To attract people (usually busy / important people) to curious and ask more about the topic  Contents of the pitch are usually well- structured, highlighting most important aspects of the topic
  8. ElevatorPitch Format Hi, my name is [name] from [startup]. We develop a product for [customer-segment] who wants to [customer-job], and facing the problem of [problems]. Our Product [product-name] provides those customers with [value- proposition] so that helps them to achieve [customer-goals].Those value are made possible since our product is supported by [main- feature-or-function]
  9. Before presenting
  10. Different People have Different Goal so they Expect Different Information KnowYour Audiences
  11.  Who are they?  Do they really want to see you presenting?  Or they just have to do so?  What will they do after the presentation?  What Decision to Make?  What do they want to know?  How many of them?  How long will they allocate time? KnowYour Audiences
  12. Preparingthedeck– businessprofile presentation
  13. Information needed by Investors and Incubators, and their flow: Flowof Presentation Opening & Intro Customer + Job Problem Solution Market Size Competitio n Business Model Go to Market Strategy Action Plan Team Profile
  14.  Your name & your partner name (who attend)  Your startup name  Name of the product + short description (1 sentence) #1Introduction
  15.  Customer Segment Definition  Jobs to be done  How important is that job to the customer  Tell the validation status of this #2Customer Segment
  16.  Top 3 Problems (max) faced by customer whenever doing the job  How Painful is the problem?  What are the existing solutions? How they fail to solve the problem?  Tell the validation status of this #3Problem
  17.  High Level Concept of the Solution  Value Proposition  Main Differentiating Functions & Features? (user story)  Have you pitch? using what media? what currency? how's the result?  Have it been launched (Release 1,Wizard of Oz)? What is the traction data (acquisition, activation, retention) #4Solution
  18.  Annual Size of the Market: Total Available Market Serviceable Available Market Serviceable Obtainable Market  Market Validation #5MarketSize
  19.  Who are your main competitors?  What are the other existing solutions?  What Unique Value Proposition your product offers?  Better to present in Perceptual Map #6Competition
  20.  Who are your key partners? Why do you need them?  What is your Revenue Model? What is the price level going to be implemented? Why do you think this Revenue Model will be accepted by customer? #7Business Model
  21.  What kind of Customer Relationship is going to be implemented?  What Channel will be used?  Further explanation of the Strategy #8Go to MarketStrategy
  22.  Plan for Marketing Plan?  Plan for Product Development?  Strategic Plan? #9ActionPlan
  23.  What is the size of investment needed to execute the plan?  How many share do you offer for that amount of investment?  What is your exit strategy? #10Investment Plan
  24. Key Personnel Profile  Higher Education  Relevant working experiences  Extraordinary Achievement  Why factor How well are you bounded together? How good are you in working together as a team? #11Team Profile
  25. Start presenting
  26. Ask allocated time to present  Know what to skip in case of time is shorter than predicted  Prepare several version of presentation file (for the same topic), accommodating different allocated time SettingUpthe Stage
  27.  Tell, not teach  Sometimes the audiences know the industry better than you are  Don’t tell obvious fact or common information (number of internet user, etc.)  Prepare several version of presentation file (for the same topic), accommodating different allocated time Tips
  28.  Gain attention in the opening  Story + Fact & Figure  What if…  Closure (What I’m asking for) My Personal Truf
  29. ThankYou Contact: ig: @panji.Prabowo e: