Meaningful Pursuits: Pursuing Obedience_Ecclesiastes.pptx

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Meaningful Pursuits_The Fear of God.pptx

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Easter Apocalypse_The Glorfied Jesus.pptx

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Easter Apocalypse_Palm Sunday_Rev. 7.pptx

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Ecclesiastes 4: The Pursuit of Companionship.pptx

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The Pursuit of God's Timetable_Ecclesiastes 3.pptx

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The Pursuit of Self Sufficiency_Ecclesiastes 9:11-12.pptx

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Celebration Sunday_Child Dedication_Lord's Supper_Baptism

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Trivial Pursuits - The Pursuit of Riches_Contentment.pptx

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The Pursuit of Worldly Pleasure_Ecclesiastes 2.pptx

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The Pursuit of Worldly Wisdom_Ecclesiastes 1:1-18.pptx

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Christmas List - The Magi_Matthew 2:1-12.pptx

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Christmas List_Reordering Your Priorities - Joseph.pptx

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Christmas List - Mary_Slideshare.pptx

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4. Eph. 6.10-24_Behind Enemy Lines

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Eph. 6:1-9_Obedience at Home and Work.pptx

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Eph. 5.22-33_Husbands and Wives.pptx

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