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Software For Underserved Markets

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Patrick McKenzie's lightning talk at Business of Software 2010 about selling software to underserved markets, principally women.

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Software For Underserved Markets

  1. Software For Underserved Markets<br />Patrick McKenzie<br />
  2. Hello GentlemenLadies <br />Photo Credit: Old Spice<br />
  3. My Business<br /><ul><li>> 200,000 users
  4. 3,300 customers
  5. 90%+ female
  6. Median age: late 40s</li></li></ul><li>“Typical” Software Customers?<br />Perceived software market:<br /><ul><li> B2B: Rich old white men </li></ul>who pay money for software.<br /><ul><li> B2C: Poor young white men who steal software.</li></ul>Photo Credit: Apple<br />
  7. Build Things People Want to Use Buy<br />Demo: Young, single college educated women who go out twice a week. $X00 million in revenue<br />Aunt Mildred found a lost cow and wants to share with you. $X00 million in revenue<br />
  8. 読めるならご存知でしょうが。<br />Recipe site. $20 million in revenue, doubling yearly, IPOed, pays dividends.<br />
  9. Demographics Are Not Destiny<br />Photo Credit: Mad Men, AMC<br />
  10. Don’t Do This<br />
  11. Features<br />GPL bingo card printing program (numeric, letter bingo and picture bingo). Also prints a calling sequence (equivalent to the output from a barrel full of balls). XML output for later linking to multimedia engine.<br />Marketing and documentation of OSS competitor. <br />(Quoted in full.)<br />
  12. Benefits<br />Next, Mr. Taylor announces it’s time for Multiplication Bingo. As Mr. Taylor reads off a problem (“20 divided by 5”), the kids scour their boards, chips in hand, looking for 4’s. One girl is literally shaking with excitement. Another has her hands clasped in a prayer position. I find myself wanting to play. You know you’re in a good classroom if you have to stop yourself from raising your hand.<br />
  13. What Is Your Real Business?<br />Advertising?<br />Search?<br />Providing several terabytes of high latency external caching for the human brain.<br />Making the user seem smart.<br />
  14. You Are In…<br />The<br />Emotion<br />Business<br />
  15. Depictions<br />
  16. Connection<br />This is the entire front page, and they have about 800,000 more ladies using the software than you do.<br />
  17. <ul><li> kalzumeus.com
  18. @patio11
  19. Love talking about this or any other subject.</li>