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Communications systems !!

  1. Patricia Totten
  2. Business Cards Teachers use business card for networking purposes , communication , contact and general information exchange. It is important to know how to make business cards because they are very useful in any business setting.
  3. Flyers Flyers are a very useful way to communicate with others. Flyers Let others know about the following: • Events • Dates, times , locations • Promotions • Teams , schools , organizations • General Information
  4. Adobe Photo Shop Photo shop is a great program that can be used to edit any sort of images such as • Collages • Flyers • Restoration • Color changes
  5. Adobe Photo Shop allows customization of photos : • Flyers • Presentations • Posters • Photos • Collages • Cards • Etc
  6. News Letters News letters keep parents informed about the information about school events. News letters are also used by students , teachers , principles , and staff to communicate to certain audience .
  7. Audacity Audacity is a cool tool where people can edit audio clips and make it easy for people to save audio files and embed them.
  8. Power Points Power Points are slide show presentation. They are an awesome way to show photos , text , videos and audio all in one. Weather it is students presenting a project, teachers presenting a lesson or even a business proposal
  9. Web Search Engines Knowing what web search engines to use is very important . Different search engines cater to different peoples needs. It can be useful to use other engines out side of Google. Using different web search engines can help find different results and information .
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