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Creating an IBM Collaboration QuickStart for Social Business 3.0 Instance

  1. IBM Collaboration QuickStart for Social Business v3.0
  2. Navigate to Message of the Day Review and Click Close Enter Your IBM ID Enter Your Password Click Submit
  3. You might see more notifications Review and Close Dashboard View of your Current Instances Main Area for Managing Instances Account Details Specific Support and Documentation
  4. Add Instance Dashboard showing Your instances Click to get more details Instances are Running instances of your software You rarely if ever use Images, Storage or Service Instances. More detail in Documentation
  5. Select Preferred Data Center Closest to You and Your Customer Filter to find *uick* Click Filter
  6. Click on 3.0 Image Click NextQSI 3.0 contains IBM Connections 4.5 CR1, IBM Domino 9.0 HF68 and IBM Sametime 8.5.2
  7. Enter the Name of Your Instance It can be changed No Key Listed? The Next Chart shows how to create one Click Minimize Local Disk Speeds Up Deployment Click Next
  8. Just in Case … There is no key listed. Enter a Name in the Popup window Click Generate a new key pair Click to download key Save the Key to Permanent Storage It is generated only once! Click Close
  9. Enter the password for administrating the QuickStart Enter the password for Users Sets all the Sample Users to it Click Next
  10. Review the Settings Click Next
  11. Select I Agree Click Submit
  12. Click Return to Control Panel Click on The Instance
  13. You won't get a hostname / IP until the instance is copied in place from the master image. Once you get the IP/Hostname, the service takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes to provision. You'll get Connection Refused warning from SSH / Putty until it's ready.
  14. Instance Specific Details Instance Controls
  15. Navigate to https://hostname Click Add Exception Click Get Certificate Click Permanently Store Click Confirm Security Exception
  16. Navigation For QSI Click Homepage
  17. Notice the different Port Click Add Exception Click Confirm Security Exception
  18. Login as Frank Adams Use your User Password Use IBM Connection Mail It supports Embedded Experiences Use Sametime Web Client Use the Activity Streams