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7 pillars of_management_seminar_australia_2014

The 7 Pillars of Management is Australia's leading to day, short course
professional development management seminar course for managers and emerging talent.
The training covers seven of the most important aspects of managing and leading in the workplace today. The pillars include: Managing Expectations. Managing operations. Managing yourself.
Managing emotional intelligence and many more.

The 7 Pillars of Management is delivered throughout Melbourne, Victoria, Sydney, New South Wales, Brisbane, Queensland, Adelaide, South Australia, Perth, Western Australia.

To learn more about this powerful two-day training program to your organisation,
contact us in Australia on: 1300-881-891 and asked to speak to Paul Puckridge.

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7 pillars of_management_seminar_australia_2014

  1. 1. MANAGING EXPECTATIONS MANAGING OPERATIONS MANAGING YOURSELF MANAGING EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE MANAGING YOUR TEAM MANAGING INFORMATION & DELEGATION MANAGING LIFE BALANCE The Pillars of 7MANAGEMENT © Telephone us to learn about this program, or to register on: 1300-881-891 The 2-day Australian management and leadership development seminar to increase your work smarts. See page 5 for bonus audio coaching
  2. 2. You’ll learn how to become one of the most effective managers in your organisation Several years ago we conducted an intensive research project to determine the management competencies that are essential for being an effective manager within the Australian workplace. Our research revealed seven core competencies that are common when managers make extraordinary things happen within their team or within their business. We call these competencies The 7 Pillars of Management© This 2-day Australian-developed management program takes a strengths-based approach to developing managers through a hands-on, interactive and highly engaging learning experience. Managers at all levels discover how to develop a clear understanding of their own competencies as well as how to use a set of powerful assessments, tools, templates, systems and easy-to-implement processes to build a personal, actionable management plan that builds on their strengths, and helps them become an EVEN BETTER manager and leader. PILLAR #1: - MANAGING EXPECTATIONS A vital trait of all managers is to understand the expectations that are placed upon them by their managers and organisations. By taking a critical look at their organisation and their role, managers will be better able to define their purpose and workplace expectations. • Defining the expectations of today’s managers. Case Study: Management versus Leadership. • Technical, human and conceptual skills. Which skills guarantee promotion, opportunities and recognition? Which end in more hard work? • The effective manager: A self-assessment of the essential 24 traits, skills and attributes of all highly successful Australian managers. PILLAR #2: - MANAGING OPERATIONS The single most important skill of all managers is to ensure that their efforts and energy are committed towards the achievement of their annual KRA’s (Key Result Areas). During this session participants will be shown how to identify, clearly break down and set out their management objectives. • Discovering why you are on the payroll. As a manager what have you been employed to accomplish? • Identifying your 4 KRA’s (Key Result Areas) and how to focus more of your time on the strategy and goals of your team. • Using a Balanced Scorecard Model to turn objectives into attainable and measurable objectives. • How to set clear vision, direction and then achievable goals for your team. PILLAR #3: - MANAGING YOURSELF (GETTING THINGS DONE) It’s impossible for a manager to manage an effective team and to achieve their goals if they are not highly organised. This pillar looks at the importance of personal productivity, time management and day-to-day organisational skills. • Strategic personal planning. How to start every day with greater clarity and focus. • Identifying the biggest time wasters and blockages for today’s busy managers. • How to apply the famous “Triage” prioritising system to balance important and the urgent tasks. • Proven techniques to gain up to an hour of time a day, every day in any workplace! PILLAR #4: - MANAGING E.Q. (EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE) Once it was thought that intelligence was the best indicator of success. Emotional Intelligence has opened many people’s eyes to the fact that EQ or emotional quotient holds the key to personal well being and leadership effectiveness. • Why having a high EQ is essential for success as a manager. • Measuring EQ. Why are some managers more emotionally intelligent and what you can do to raise your level of personal emotional intelligence. • Enhance your emotional intelligence and your capacity to effectively perceive, express, understand, and manage your emotions at work. • Using your EQ with your team, your customers, your manager. Learn how to get more accomplished by understanding how to bring out the best in others and yourself. This is an ideal program for all managers
  3. 3. To learn more visit us at: www.success.net.au Your free training resources include: TRAINING MANUAL Participants receive a detailed training and reference manual. The manual includes lessons, case studies, diagrams and a reference section. WHITE PAPERS & CASE STUDIES Participants gain access to a special reference vault with numerous reports, white papers and reference material. AUDIO PROGRAM Participants receive MP3 files containing additional strategies, ideas and concepts to boost their personal effectiveness. MEMORY CARDS These reference cards are a highly sought-after item as they reinforce The 7 Pillars principles. EBOOKS Participants receive a selection of the world’s best personal effectiveness classics in electronic format (pdf). MP3 BONUS Participants receive access to MP3 and PDF learning material, which can be downloaded directly from our exclusive web portal. PILLAR #5: - MANAGING YOUR TEAM A manager’s most important and often most difficult role is to manage people. Discover which leadership styles are the most effective in bringing out the best in your team. • What style of manager are you? Is your current management style appropriate for your team? • Identifying the common pitfalls of managing team performance and productivity. • What really motivates your team? When to coach, mentor and when to counsel. • Bring out the best in your team and increase their personal and team performance. PILLAR #6: - MANAGING INFORMATION & DELEGATION By being able to gain greater control of the information and delegation, you will learn powerful new systems for managing e-mail, documentation and improving your delegation skills. • How to organise your work area so you are always in control at work. • A simple test for identifying your key information requirements. • Best practice solutions for managing electronic or paper information. • Effective delegation. How to spend less time working “in your team” and more time working “on your team”. Learn the proven 4 step delegation method. PILLAR #7: - MANAGING WORK AND LIFE BALANCE The work-life balancing act - it’s getting harder. Balancing life and work is a major issue for most Australian managers. Find out how it’s possible to have a successful career and a fulfilling personal life during this last pillar. • Are you experiencing work-life balance? Are you out of balance? Find out. • The “Wheel of Life”. How this life balance tool helps you put your life in perspective. • Enjoy greater meaning and purpose with a range of “instant life-balance” tools. • BONUS. Your personal SWOT. Developing a plan for future-proofing your career. HOW YOU’LL BENEFIT FROM ATTENDING THE 7 PILLARS© Gain a deeper understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an effective manager and inspiring leader in your organisation. How to improve your communication and how to set realistic expectations for your team members to follow. Learn to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of your individual team members.
  4. 4. Tell Me More About This Seminar: The 7 Pillars of Management© is a hands-on, 2-day management development training program recommended for managers, supervisors and emerging talent. Your investment includes all refreshments and lunch. A comprehensive workbook, study manual and management toolkit is yours to take away, plus a personalised certificate to frame. Who is The Success Institute? We are one of Australia’s most sought after short-course professional development training organisations. Proudly 100% Australian owned, our clients include many of the world’s top 500 companies, plus a “who’s who” of Australian businesses and government bodies. These include: Boeing Aircraft Corp, General Electric, Telstra, Optus, CSIRO, CGU, BT, AIG, Delfin, Invesco, Nestle, Toyota, Stihl, Visy Recycling, Cummins, BHP, Vodafone, Smith+Nephew, Jetset, Subaru, Mobil, Rockwell, Kimberly Clark, Philips, World Courier, Panasonic, Komatsu, Westfield, Aviva and Pitcher Partners. Cancellation Policy You may cancel up to 7 working days before the seminar for a full refund. Less than 7 days you may send a colleague or associate for no additional fee, or pay 50% of the investment. eCoaching is Included... Free! Your 100% Guarantee If you honestly believe that after attending The 7 Pillars and implemented just a couple of strategies you have not improved your skills we will refund your investment. 7 PILLARS OF MANAGEMENT REGISTRATION FORM To help you implement all that you have learnt at this seminar, you will be given access to 3 months of on-line coaching sessions that will assist you to personalise and reinforce all you have learnt at this seminar The 7 Pillars of Management© Organisation Details: Organisation: _____________________________________________ Main Contact Person: _______________________________________ Address: _________________________________________________ City: ________________________________ Post Code: __________ Phone: __________________________________________________ Email Address: ____________________________________________ Who is Attending: Name: ____________________________________ Date: _________ Position:_________________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________________ Name: _____________________________________Date: _________ Position:_________________________________________________ Email:___________________________________________________ Name: _____________________________________Date:_________ Position: _________________________________________________ Email: ___________________________________________________ VENUE: Level 8/ 500 Collins St, City $1490 pp 1 Person (+ gst) $________ $1290 pp 3 People (+ gst) $________ $1090 pp 5 People (+ gst) $________ Booking & Payment Details: Please tick one of the following payment options. A cheque for the seminar investment is enclosed: (made payable to Success Technologies Pty Ltd) I will be paying by Credit Card (please tick): MasterCard Visa No: _____________________________________ Expiry: ___/___ Signature: _____________________________________________ To register please call us on: 1300-881-891 or 03-9533-9533 Email us at: mail@success.net.au Consultant: Paul Puckridge Email: paul.puckridge@success.net.au Phone: 1300-881-891 P.O. Box 2124 Prahran, Vic, 3181 E-mail: mail@success.net.au Website: www.success.net.au Investment Venue: Telephone us to learn about this program, or to register on: 1300-881-891
  5. 5. Telephone us to learn about this program, or to register on: 1300-881-891 Click the orange audio button (below) to listen to 7 coaching lessons from The 7 Pillars of Management© Or type this link into your web browser: www.tinyurl.com/b2p5amk