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Analysis and Commentary - Geopolitical Risks and Threats - January 8, 2023.pptx

  2. PAUL YOUNG - BIO Contact information email: LinkedIn: SlideShare - Twitter: YouTube - CPA, CGA (1996) Academia (PF1, FA4, FN2, MU1. and MS2) SME – Customer Success Management SME – Risk Management SME – Close, Consolidate and Reporting SME – Public Policy SME – Emerging Technology SME – Business Process Change SME – Financial Solutions SME – Macro/Micro Indicators SME – Supply Chain Management SME – Data, AI, Security, and Platform SME – Internal Controls and Auditing
  3. AGENDA • Inflation • Stock Market • Wealth • Cases • Deaths • Vaccinations by country • Vaccinations / Delivery • Vaccines / Approval • Vaccinations / Procurement • Employment – January 2021 (USA vs Canada) • Unemployment (Canada vs OECD and G7) • Stock Market • Global GDP / Forecast • Blog – Crisis Management • Blog – New Normal • Blog – Supply Chain • Summary • Training/Development
  4. TOP GEOPOLITICAL THREATS Source - move 1. A two-tiered world 2. Evolving great power relationships 3. Middle powers on the global stage 4. Rise of cyber piracy 5. Climate change political nexus 6. Green mineral nationalism 7. Increase intervention supply chain 8. Technology nationalization 9. Expansion of the Brussels effect 10. Inequality and push for redistribution
  5. SUMMARY PRESENTATION TITLE 5 Summary • Concerns over housing debt and affordable housing are driving down markets • Access to critical metals has become a growing concerns for countries trying to shift to cleaner economic policies • Lack of focus on systemic issues with inflation • Supply chain disruptions continue to plague global supply chains • High inflation is challenge for global central banks • Threat of recession continues to rise each week • Bear market could lead to issues with pension solvency Blog – Stock Market for the WE January 7, 2023 Commodities continue to face up and down pressures - up-87/ Lithium continues to face price and supply issues - fate-of-americas-largest-lithium-mine-is-in-a-federal-judges-hands or Global real estate continues to face many challenges - recycling-finally-takes-off-in-north-america-and-europe Global GDP continues to tinker on brink of recession - compared-countries-165545922.html ESG regulations continue to move forward - Market the united states stock market closing indices - Google Search.pdf WestpacWeekly.pdf Stock market news live updates Stocks end first week of 2023 higher after jobs report spurs big rally.pdf
  9. BMO – CONSUMER PRICE INDEX BMO - Inflation - CPI - Canada - July 2022.pdf Canadian CPI (Aug.) — Another Step Down a Long Road.pdf U.S. CPI Stubbornly Sticky.pdf Cdn CPI — Not Running Up That Hill, But Still On It.pdf
  11. WEALTH global-wealth-report- 2015.pdf At $514 trillion, China overtakes US in terms of amassing the biggest net worth, World News The rapid growth in global wealth McKinsey.pdf
  12. G7
  15. COVID Source - m/world-coronavirus- tracker-and- maps/countries-and- territories/canada/ teractive/2021/world/covid- cases.html
  16. COVID Source - m/world-coronavirus- tracker-and- maps/countries-and- territories/canada/ teractive/2021/world/covid- cases.html
  17. COVID Source - m/world-coronavirus- tracker-and- maps/countries-and- territories/canada/ teractive/2021/world/covid- cases.html
  18. VACCINES APPROVAL Source - active/2020/science/coronaviru s-vaccine-tracker.html
  19. PROCUREMENT / VACCINATIONS Source - https://launchandscalefaster.or g/COVID-19
  20. VACCINATION DOSAGE Source - m/graphic- detail/tracking- coronavirus-across-the- world
  23. • Source – USA government USA RETAIL SALES BY KEY SEGMENT
  24. USA VS CANADA – RETAIL SALES BMO - 57d59-9185-4881-bfd4-a205d63c64cf/ U.S. Retail Sales No Gas.pdf A Summertime Slump in Sales.pdf BMO - detail/5d441999-89ef-4350-9554- 8300c835fb48/ A Real Bump in Volumes.pdf
  25. BLOG – CRISIS MANAGEMENT management-how-best-to-manage-risk All Levels of government need to have audited emergency management plans for all their departments, GBEs, and agencies
  26. AUDIT REPORT / CANADA PANDEMIC Crisis Management Auditor/Report Despite nearly two decades of warnings, planning and government spending, the Public Health Agency of Canada was not ready for the global pandemic and did not appreciate the threat it posed in its early stages, Canada's auditor general says. In a hard-hitting review released today, Auditor General Karen Hogan took the country's primary pandemic response agency to task for failures in early warning, surveillance, risk assessments, data-sharing with the provinces and follow-up on Canadian travelers who were ordered into quarantine. "The agency was not adequately prepared to respond to the pandemic, and it underestimated the potential impact of the virus at the onset of the pandemic," said the AG's review — one of three that looked at the Liberal government's management of the COVID-19 crisis, which as of Thursday had killed 22,780 Canadians and brought the country's economy to its knees. Here is my work on crisis management - crisis-emergency-management-policies-and-procedures
  27. NEW NORMAL Here are many links on great work by Mckinsey Group - leading-through-the-crisis?cid=other-eml-nsl-mip- mck&hlkid=e220291424cb421991e4e6a3b37ecb2d&hctky=11493232&hdpid=b812b692-ed48-496d-a1e4- 9eb133561e6b# I can add a bit more color in terms of what needs to transpire: 1. Careers in demand are those that are in areas like skills trades or healthcare or Information technology. 2. World continues to grow public sector employment at higher rate than the goods-producing sector. 3. Targeting policies that will support the reshoring of key parts of the supply chain. 4. Better balance between regulations when it comes to supporting getting goods to market. 5. More targeted focus of customers on areas like customer success to better help drive transformation of both the public and private sectors. 6. Information technology will play a key role in terms of transforming the economy. 7. Fixing issues with global trade including the elimination of protectionism policies. 8. Reforming taxation including transforming tax acts as well as closing-down tax havens. 9. Reforming the housing market to ensure it is more affordable. 10. Reforming the size of government as part of moving to a digital model Source -
  28. SUPPLY CHAIN 1.1648671?taid=61373efe2b6d260001ced600&utm_campaign=trueAnthem+Manual&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_sour ce=twitter There are enormous issues with ports, rails, and other parts of the infrastructure's ability to move goods to the end consumer. Blog – How to build a resilient Supply Chain using Data and AI
  29. SUPPLY CHAIN Blog – Ecommerce and Retail – Container Shortage and Risks to Supply Chain Ship-building companies continue to work on building ever larger container vessels, and there’s little evidence this trend will stop anytime soon. Today, an estimated 90% of the world’s goods are transported by sea, with 60% of that – including virtually all your imported fruits, gadgets and appliances – packed in large steel containers. The rest is mainly commodities like oil or grains that are poured directly into the hull. In total, about US$14 trillion of the world’s goods spend some time inside a big metal box. In short, without the standardized container, the global supply chain that society depends upon – and that I study – would not exist. A recent shortage of these containers is raising costs and snarling supply chains of thousands of products across the world. The situation highlights the importance of the simple yet essential cargo containers that, from a distance, resemble Lego blocks floating on the sea. in-getting-goods-to-amazon-warehouses-store-shelves-and-your-door-in-time-for-christmas/ or
  30. RISK MANAGEMENT Blog – Managing Data as part of Mitigating Geopolitical Risks – Private and Public Sector • This ties nicely into my many blogs around how best to managed data as it relates to geopolitical events: • Audit and Risk Analytics • Crisis and Emergency Management -
  31. OTHER GEOPOLITICAL RISKS Source - /news/russia-weapons- mass-disruption-top- geopolitical-risks-2023/
  32. IMPROVING IMMUNE SYSTEMS • Improving the immune system - your-immune-system/ • Food and immune system - system • Startups - • Gene and cell therapy = reviews-cell-gene-therapy-advancements-online-summit/
  33. BOOSTER SHOTS Source - boosters-block-immunity-omicron-study-finds/ COVID boosters do not provide protection against Omicron, study finds Fortune - Heatlhcare.pdf
  34. FOOD COSTS 1. Trucker shortage 2. Factor labor shortage 3. Rising warehouse costs 4. Food scarcity 5. Supply chain delays 4d82-89f1-df3e9ceb9969&ecms_short=ART6517&doc_type=ted_article&sponsored=&acct=&parent_id=d2286731- fef9-4f48-8a45- df0f64c043f9&utm_content=featuredstory&position=2&linktype=title&channel=email&campaign_type=thomas_ind ustry_update&campaign_name=tiu220204&utm_campaign=tiu220204&utm_medium=email&utm_source=thomas_i ndustry_update&tinid=221763045 Here is my work - sector-september-2022pptx
  35. HEALTHCARE REFORM • Moving to private / public healthcare model as part of reducing wait times • Revising insurance payout including single pay system (This will require alignment with various systems through a better automation model) • Building up critical medical supplies including annual audits of supplies • Mandatory risk and crisis management for all hospitals, medical centers, and long-term care facilities • Expanding spots at long-term care facilities including more oversight • Addressing issues with drug costs • Fixing the delivery model for healthcare including more digitalization, elimination of layers of management, etc. • Putting the focus on patient care • Adopting more automation through use of technology • Increasing seats at medical and nursing schools • Addressing issues with foreign credentials • Mandatory reporting by hospitals, medical centers, and long-term care facilities into the government. Audit Analytics and Ministry of health can then set up triggers as part managing the data including outcomes. • Here is my work on healthcare -
  36. SUMMARY Healthcare models around the world continue to face pressure to delivery healthcare to patient More focus needs to be on all levels of government have audited emergency and risk management plans More needs to be done to mitigate the future impact of pandemics through healthier living, vaccines, gene and immune therapy All levels of government need to do a better job on safeguarding their assets Blog – Geopolitical Risks and Events for the WE January 8, 2022 Technology will continue to drive business outcomes - technology-investment-trends-to-watch-in-2023/ or 2023 or Food prices and supply continue to plague the world. Farmers continue to look at ways to improve product yields - 1.6699741 or Global inflation continues to plague the world. Achieving the 2% target for inflation is becoming increasing challenging for global governments - doom-nouriel-roubini-inflation-debt-crisis-crash-economic-outlook-2023-1 Global GDP continues to face many pressures including reduction in demand, cost of raw materials, productivity, innovation, etc. - analysis/global-business-activity-contracts-for-fifth-successive-month-as-demand-downturn- accelerates-Jan23.html ESG regulations and reporting will continue to dominate both public and private sectors reporting - Data and AI will continue to drive business outcomes - 11 Tech Trends To Watch In 2023 CB Insights.pdf Top technology investment trends to watch in 2023 - Investment Monitor.pdf Where Is Tech Going in 2023 .pdf Top 5 craziest technology trends in 2023.pdf With no soil or growing seasons, this Ontario startup is working to feed a hotter world CBC News.pdf How can global food security be strengthened .pdf 'Dr. Doom' Nouriel Roubini Says We'll Have Inflation for a Long Time.pdf infltrglb_bb.pdf Global business activity contracts for fifth successive month as demand downturn accelerates S&P Global.pdf ESG Insights 10 Things That Should Be Top of Mind in 2023 Latham & Watkins LLP - JDSupra.pdf

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