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Canadian December retail sales fall 0.5 per cent on weak autos, holiday sales

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This presentation looks at retail sales for Canada. The focus is on the segments as well as the provinces.

December 2016 seen weaker sales over the holiday season. It appears more and more people cut back on their spending. Consumer spending is big driver when it comes to GDP growth in Canada. The lower retail sales could impact GDP for the final quarter.

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Canadian December retail sales fall 0.5 per cent on weak autos, holiday sales

  1. 1. December 2016 Retail Sales –Canada By: PaulYoung, CPA, CGA Date: February 21, 2017
  2. 2. Agenda  Key Retailers - Headlines  Wages and Employment – Retail andWholesaleTrade  eCommerce  Retail Sales by Segment  Retail Sales by Province
  3. 3. Top Headlines for Retailers Source - http://www.retail-insider.com/retail-insider/2017/2/21
  4. 4. Wages and Employment / Retail & Wholesale Trade
  5. 5. eCommerce Source - https://www.emarketer.com/Article/Ecommerce-Canada- Its-Time-Has-Come/1015268 Source – eMarketer.com
  6. 6. RetailSales by Segment Source – StatsCanada Weaker Holiday Sales • Store types typically associated with holiday shopping registered weaker sales in December. • Sales at clothing and clothing accessories stores (-3.7%) decreased for the second time in three months. Within this subsector, lower receipts at clothing stores (-3.2%) accounted for most of the decline. Jewellery, luggage and leather goods stores (-12.4%) also posted lower sales in December. The sole increase in the subsector was reported at shoe stores (+0.8%). • Receipts at general merchandise stores (-1.3%) declined for the second month in a row. • Electronics and appliance stores (-2.3%) sales were down for the second time in eight months. • Sales at sporting goods, hobby, book and music stores declined 0.5%. Lower sales at hobby, toy and games stores, and book stores and news dealers more than offset higher sales at sporting goods stores.
  7. 7. RetailSales by Province Source – StatsCanada • Retail sales were down in eight provinces in December. • Ontario (-0.9%) reported the largest decrease in dollar terms. December's decrease was largely due to lower sales at new car dealers. • Sales in Quebec were down 1.1%, with declines in 9 of 11 subsectors. • Retail sales in British Columbia declined 0.3% in December, due in part to lower sales at new car dealers. • In Nova Scotia (-1.4%), retail sales were down for the first time in six months. • Alberta (+1.1%) retail sales advanced for the fifth consecutive month, largely due to higher sales at gasoline stations and, to a lesser extent, automotive, parts accessories and tire stores. • In Saskatchewan (+1.2%), retail sales rose primarily on the strength of higher sales at gasoline stations.