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Environment and Climate Change – Canada – December 2022 .pptx

  1. Environment and Climate Change – Canada – December 2022 Paul Young CPA CGA December 19, 2022
  2. Paul Young - Bio • CPA, CGA • Academia (PF1, FA4, FN2, MU1. and MS2) • SME – Risk Management • SME – Close, Consolidate and Reporting • SME – Public Policy • SME – Emerging Technology • SME – Business Process Change • SME – Financial Solutions • SME – Macro/Micro Indicators • SME – Supply Chain Management • SME – Data, AI, Security, and Platform • SME – Internal Controls and Auditing Contact information email: LinkedIn: SlideShare - Twitter: YouTube -
  3. • Greenest countries / Ranking • Fresh water ranking / World • Forest areas / Ranking • Ecology Ranking • Polar Bears • Sewage dumping • Forest Management / Blog • Agriculture / Blog • Urban Planning • Mining / Lithium • Oil and Gas / Blog • Natural Resources / Blog • Circular and Green Economy • Electrical vehicle adoption • Electricity / Power Generation Agenda 20XX Pitch deck title 3
  4. Source - or rankings/greenest-countries Greenest Countries 20XX Environment and Climate Change 4
  5. Source - resources-1537440475-1 Fresh Water Ranking 20XX Pitch deck title 5
  6. Source - Forest Areas / Ranking 20XX Pitch deck title 6
  7. Polar Bears 20XX Pitch deck title 7
  8. Source - wastewater-1.6443211 Sewage Dumping 20XX Pitch deck title 8
  9. • Lumber prices continue to fluctuate. • Canada lumber production continues to lag levels in October 2015 • Forestry Management 20XX Pitch deck title 9
  10. Agriculture 20XX Pitch deck title 10 Blog – Agriculture Equipment and Farming Income – Analysis and Commentary – November 2022 Farmers continue to face many challenges including labor shortages along with higher input costs related to fuel, feed, electricity, etc. Grocery store profits continue to be a focal point. Little has been said about the product mix area as well as how profits are shared with pension funds and capital investment. Farmers have no issue with adopting technology if that technology is dependable. Vertical farming is being promoted as solution. Vertical farming requires access to adequate water as well has issues with electricity and capital needed to build out a vertical farming infrastructure. Source -
  11. Urban Planning 20XX Pitch deck title 11 My concerns have never been discussed by @JohnFraserOS @maritstiles and @MikeSchreiner 1. Will re-zoning of vacant lots and/or building be done 2. Will wind farms and solar farms stopped being built on farmland 3. Will 3D printing of housing be adopted is-next-for-the-green-beltpptx
  12. Source - reveal-the-dark-side-of-our-electric-future Lithium 20XX Pitch deck title 12
  13. Oil and Gas 20XX Pitch deck title 13 Oil production continue to scare back by OPEC - group-in-focus-ahead-of-russia-sanctions.html LNG demand continues to grow as countries look for new sources of natural gas - Data and AI solutions continue to be deployed by energy companies in areas like environmental risk mitigation, cybersecurity threats, asset monitoring, asset optimization, and financial reporting. ESG reporting continues to pick up the pace. The threat of greenwashing is becoming a concern for many investors.
  14. Natural Resources 20XX Pitch deck title 14 critical-minerals-strategy/ Why was this not done 7 years ago? Oops, @JustinTrudeau told the world Canada should be known for its resourcefulness! 2019 - election-natural-resources-canada-august-2019 2017 - a-depends-on-natural-resources Nov/22 - is-next-for-canada-natural-resources-sector- october-2022pptx-253791591
  15. Circular and Green Economy 20XX Pitch deck title 15 Blog – Environment and Climate Change – Circular and Green Economy – November 2022 - change-through-policies-that-better-support-the-circular-and-green-economiespptx Canada is a natural carbon sink. More needs to be done to address issues with better land, water, forestry, and urban planning solutions. Lithium demand continues to rise. The biggest problem facing lithium is supply and refinement. More needs to be done to promote molten salt and nuclear reactors as part of addressing energy needs across the globe. More investment is happening in areas like hydrogen - Vertical and expert farming continue grow in importance. Currently, there are challenges facing vertical and expert farming due to lack of capital and government policies that better support environmentally friendly farming practices. More needs to be done to promote zero waste through better recycling and burning of waste. Waste to energy needs to get more focus from all levels of governments. environmental-summit/ Carbon taxation should be abolished as it has done nothing by driven up the cost. carbon-tax-behind-gas-price-hikes-6036786. The better approach to managing the environment is going after waste management and carbon emissions through tax policies that encourage zero-waste and net zero. Global economy continues to face many challenges - I have always been about the environment but in a balanced way. I have never support carbon pricing. I have supported programs that better move both the public and private sector to net zero! It is key for global accounting bodies to create unified standards as it relates to ESG reporting - accounting-and-financial-reporting/ or
  16. Electrical Vehicle adoption 20XX Pitch deck title 16 @JonathanWNV @s_guilbeault American EVs reduced gasoline consumption by just 0.54% in 2021 My work - 2022pptx
  17. Electricity / Power Generation 20XX Pitch deck title 17 Lithium, cobalt, nickel, uranium, and other critical materials are now strategic to countries around the world. The key will be extracting critical metals in a sustainable way that protects the environment as well as gets the product to end-market. Load factors are still a key area when it comes to reforming the grid. Net zero goal for the transportation sector will require additional power that has to be distributed through out the grid. Remote and isolated communities still rely on diesel power generation. The clean alternative could be hydrogen power, but it must be environmentally safe as well as the cost of capital to convert diesel generators to hydrogen generators. Wind and solar have their own issues. Wind power can cause issues with land usage as well as issues with aquatic life. More studies need to be done on how best to support wind and solar as part of overall climate change mitigation. More needs to be done in areas of waste to energy and loss of energy due to building construction. Waste management is becoming a big concern as part of the overall net zero goal. More thoughts needs to go into how best to waste to energy plants as part of the overall power load to meet current and future energy requirements of commercial, industrial, and consumers Breakthrough has come with fusion technology. The key will be time it will take to commercialized fusion technology as part of transforming the grid.
  18. • More needs to be done to protect ecosystems across the globe. • All levels of government along with private sector need to work together on how best to grow the economy while managing the environment in a sustainable way. Summary 20XX Pitch deck title 18 Blog – What is next for Biodiversity and the Eco-Systems for Canada and the World – December 2022 In pictures South America's 'lithium fields' reveal the dark side of our electric future Euronews.pdf Ecological Footprint by Country 2022.pdf Polar Bears.pdf Canada dumps billions of litres of raw sewage into natural waterways annually. How can we stop CBC News.pdf The World's Greenest Countries 2022 GreenMatch.pdf Greenest Countries _ Most Eco-Friendly Countries 2022_Climate.pdf

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