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API is the New Black - FinTech Connect Live 2016

  1. Elias Gagas Chief Digital Officer
  2. 1 2 3 Financial Messaging Libraries for SWIFT, SEPA & ISO20022 standards Messaging standards API Framework 1. Bespoke Projects Development 2. Treasury Management System 3. PFM 4. Card Processor Core System Innovation + R&D
  3. API is the new digital language Banks need to speak it fluently, or risk becoming isolated and eventually disintermediated, by API native speakers.
  4. API is a new channel API TMS PFM ? ??? AISP PISP
  5. It’s not a question of if, or when. It’s how many of them. Banks have the opportunity to learn from the techniques & practices of Internet Giants (amazon, google etc.)
  6. The Bank of the Future Inter-Connected Open APIs Everyday Bank Platform BaaSBaaP
  7. Build To “Play” the API game you need to Manage Distribute
  8. APIs to Core Systems Integration API SandboxDevelopers Portal APIs Runtime API Management FinTech Developers Financial Institution Client Applications API Analytics Banking Core Systems
  9. PSD2 = APIs Open Banking = APIs The EU, via PSD2, is leading the Open Banking movement
  10. The API movement is HUGE! You can now reach: Your customers + FinTech ecosystem PSD2 is not compliance its your biggest opportunity
  11. Of Banks have either already launched, or plan to launch within the next 12 months, an API initiative Banks are already working on APIs! Source: More Banks Working on APIs in 2016, But Bureaucracy Remains a Problem | Bank Innovation 78%
  12. It needs a multidisciplinary team & skills / tools Technology + Business + Marketing APIs are not about technology it’s about your Business, Re-Imagined
  13. 64 Princes Court , 88 Brompton Road , Knightsbridge, London SW3 1ET, United Kingdom | Tel. : +44 2071172538 | @paymentcomp FinTech API Experts