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Why you will choose the aplonAPI™ platform, to empower your Open banking project!

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With aplonAPI you can:
› Achieve PSD2 compliance in just 3 months
› Engage with Fintech developers
› Build and monetize your own APIs
› Manage your internal APIs
› Integrate with your existing ESB or core systems
› Expedite new apps development
› Leverage 3rd party APIs to enhance your offerings
› Attract corporate customers with easy ERP / TMS integration

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Why you will choose the aplonAPI™ platform, to empower your Open banking project!

  1. 1. OPEN BY DESIGN! November 2017 Why choose the aplonAPI™ platform, to empower your Open banking project
  2. 2. www.paymentcomponents.com 1/8 APIs are an essential element of your future core technology stack & day to day business! You need a platform which will allow you to shape them according to your business requirements & seamlessly interconnect with your existing core Banking stack. Will you use an off-the-shelf platform for your most important banking channel? Or choose to work with a bona fide FinTech expert, for a tailor-made solution? aplonAPI™ is a field proven, APIs management platform, tailor-made for the Financial Services sector, with unparalleled open architecture, to facilitate frictionless integration & open up innovation opportunities! With aplonAPI you can › Achieve PSD2 compliance in just 3 months › Engage with Fintech developers › Build and monetize your own APIs › Manage your internal APIs › Integrate with your existing ESB or core systems › Expedite new apps development › Leverage 3rd party APIs to enhance your offerings › Attract corporate customers with easy ERP / TMS integration
  3. 3. www.paymentcomponents.com 2/8 aplonAPI Overview aplonAPI™ API Management Platform, is a modern, open banking, PSD2 compliant, API Management Framework. It offers the three, core & necessary, components for the successful creation & impactful disseminations of APIs: PUBLISH MANAGE DISTRIBUTE Comes “out of the box” with a set of PSD2 ready APIs to expedite compliance. Offers API Creation capabilities, to build your own APIs, including fully customizable security profile (e.g. 2FA / OTP), payload validation, SLAs & Billing. Comprehensive Management Console, is the Command & Control Center for your new “PSD2 API Channel”, enabling real-time monitoring of API calls and providing access to the complete transactions history, via detailed logs analytics & insights. APIs portal to excite & educate the Developers community, extensive documentation, code examples & live test functionality, including a production grade PSD2 Sandbox environment, to facilitate streamlined testing & debugging of applications. Furthermore, it acts as a “gateway” to the Sharing Economy business model & paradigm, empowering diverse organizations to actively participate in the global online ecosystem. aplonAPI can be used by: EU Banks for PSD2 Forward thinking Banks & FIs Corporates, FinTechs & everyone! To prepare for & establish full Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) compliance in record time Kick start Open Banking, Banking as a Platform (BaaP), Banking as a Service (BaaS) projects Power their innovative & disruptive ideas with a solid, & field-tested API Management platform!
  4. 4. www.paymentcomponents.com 3/8 Using aplonAPI™, forward thinking Banks, establish a Banking as a Platform (BaaP) technology stack, enabling them to deliver next generation FinTech – Banking as a Service (BaaS) solutions to their customers (corporate & retail).
  5. 5. www.paymentcomponents.com 4/8 Why choose aplonAPI™ Cutting edge technology aplonAPI™, is build from the ground up, as a TRULY OPEN API platform, with Financial Services 2.0 & FinTech in mind. Having absolutely no legacy components, it’s using the latest cutting edge technologies to deliver a future proof platform. › All internal aplonAPI™ functionalities (e.g. manipulating the SLAs & Billing information, managing access to APIs etc) are exposed as APIs, so you can easily access from & interconnect with your existing technology stack (e.g. web banking, fraud detection, intrusion detection ect) › Implemented in micro-services for unparalleled elasticity › You get the Source code for the sandbox - now you can easily provide custom functionality to third parties, as you expand the set of APIs you expose to them › Delivered in docker containers for painless deployment and scalability › Fully supports kubernetes, for unparalleled flexibility in setting up Fault tolerant deployments › Written in kotlin, the most modern platform out there. You’re now in the company of Uber, Pinterest, Atlassian › Asynchronous Traces and logs in open databases for total accessibility › In memory databases for blazing speed
  6. 6. www.paymentcomponents.com 5/8 Five star rating aplonAPI™ is already powering diverse FinTech projects in EU & Africa, such as PSD2 Compliance & Open Banking, ACH / Payments Switch and Card Processing. Its scalable design can seamlessly support any possible deployment scenario, from simple PSD2 compliance for a small bank, to pioneering Open banking offerings and huge Payments Switch, for one of the largest countries in the world. Recognized as a world leading APIs platform 5 Star rating Powering the winner of the Best Digital Initiative award Adding True Value from Day 1 The aplonAPI™ platform acts as a value generator for technology & business › Immediately initiate your online presence with Open Banking APIs. Simply brand our white label Developers portal & Sandbox, according to your requirements & you’re good to go! You can use this functionality to start participating in the Open Banking & FinTech movement, organize Hackathon events etc. › PSD2 compliance in record time – typical deployment time less than 3 months › With aplonAPI™ you buy much more than technology. Our legendary Consulting services are “built in”. These include our ready to expose PSD2 APIs, as well as the active support of our experienced Business Consultancy team. › Take full ownership of your API platform. aplonAPI™ is a truly open platform, allowing easy expansion & interconnection with 3rd party systems. › Flexible ownership cost model – select from our CAPEX or OPEX pricing models, to better suit your requirements.
  7. 7. www.paymentcomponents.com 6/8 All the features you need & more aplonAPI™ is packed with advanced features & functionalities. Managing your APIs lifecycle was never easier – this means that you can focus, on generating value through your new APIs Banking Channel. Select aplonAPI™ to: › Create & Publish your own APIs and see them immediately appear in you developer’s portal › Create granular SLA limits to fully manage access to the APIs › Define multi-tier billing layers & combine them with actual usage logs to generate all the necessary invoicing information › Open source charting tools to customize them on the fly › White Label developers portal which you can easily brand to your liking › Select cloud, or on-premise deployment now & change it in the future, as you grow The aforementioned are simply some of the great features of aplonAPI™. For a complete demonstration of the platform capabilities and a detailed analysis of how they will empower your own environment, reach out to schedule your free “Banking APIs 101” workshop.
  8. 8. www.paymentcomponents.com 7/8 The aplonAPI™ pedigree PaymentComponents (PC) is the ideal partner & aplonAPI™ is the ideal platform for your Open Banking project! › aplonAPI™ is built from Financial Services & Technology experts – Customized & Optimized for Banks! › Payment Components has a combined experience of over 25 years in delivering mission critical Financial Services Solutions › By working with us you immediately leverage our first mover advantage & continuous innovation › Be part of the global Thought Leadership on APIs & Open Banking › Partnership with a true Fintech › 360° view of the FinTech (R)evolution – we deliver solutions for Banking & Financial Service providers as well as for their consumers (e.g. corporates, end clients). › On top of a fully-fledged API platform & we can provide your first FinTech applications / API consumers, through our aplonCASH Treasury Management System & AVACAS PFM. › This means that with aplonAPI™ & PaymentComponents you get a fully functional & live 360° FinTech ecosystem from the 1st day you go live! › aplonAPI™ is a modern age technology masterpiece, crafted by a team of perpetual Financial Technologies Innovation experts
  9. 9. www.paymentcomponents.com 8/8 Payment Components, a worldwide expertise PaymentComponents Ltd is a catalyst, empowering FinTech Innovation in Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporates and FinTechs. PaymentComponents is a unique amalgam, bonding deep Financial Services understanding, expertise in developing mission critical Financial systems and the latest trends in FinTech innovation. Our API Framework provides a complete, PSD2 compliant, solution for Financial Institutions to actively participate in the FinTech (R)evolution. It empowers the creation, testing & growth of Platform Based services & fosters the collaboration with the rapidly growing FinTech community. Through treasury management systems, automated payments & reconciliation solutions, we provide a hassle-free path to FinTech benefits, for Corporates. Via software components, support and know-how, we enable Rapid & Agile development of SWIFT & SEPA compliant FinTech applications worldwide. We are empowering FinTech Innovation for Computer Associates, JPMorgan, Citigroup, Pictet and Credit Suisse, among others. For more information, www.paymentcomponents.com | Twitter @paymentcomp