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Plethora product managers

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A brief presentation and open discussion about the many tasks and roles that a product manager is expected to perform. The use Product Management is becoming more popular in high tech and not so high tech companies. Is it just the title that’s becoming more popular?

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Plethora product managers

  1. 1. A discussion of a Product Manager’s tasks and roles in today’s companies. Jim Payne, CPM, PPM, CSPO Product Manager
  2. 2. What is Product Management?  What Can We Agree On?  What is Not PM?  Is There a Simple Definition?  What’s a Product?  Who Gets to Determine What’s PM and What’s Not?
  3. 3. Functions / Tasks  Can We Still Call It Product Management, If the Tasks DON’T Include:  Roadmapping  Personas  Launch Plans  Use Cases  Requirements  Market Definitions  Pricing  Sales Training
  4. 4. A Simple Working Definition of Product Management  A role in the product lifecycle that takes responsibility for the creation, promotion, and support of a key company capability.
  5. 5. Types of Products and Industries  What if the Product is a:  Professional Service – Business Planning or Solution Architecture  CPG – Retail or Agronomy  Financial Service – Banking or Insurance  Not For Sale – Mobile App or a Website  Infrastructure Supporting a Visible Product  Commodity – Gasoline or Aluminum  One of a Kind – Real Estate
  6. 6. Management – Maybe They Decide?  Upper Management or HR Decides on a Job Title  Increased Focus on Products?  It Sounds Cool  Its all the Rage  It Describes What They Want  The CEO went to a ProductCamp (?)
  7. 7. Are There Types of Product Managers?  Pragmatic Triad  Strategic Product Manager  Technical Product Manager  Product Marketing Manager  Internal Product Manager?  Infrastructure Product Manager?  Services Product Manager?  Portfolio Product Manager?
  8. 8. The Value of Product Management  Do We Redefine Product Management to Fit the Job or Redefine Product to Fit the Tasks We Know Need to Get Done?  Does this Still Add Value – or Not  If We Can Define the “Product” Can We Still Apply the Product Management Tasks to the Company’s (or Product’s) Benefit?
  9. 9. Is This a Subject That Interests You?  Jim Payne  james.m.payne@comcast.net  linkedin.com/in/jamesmatthewpayne/  @jamesmpayne