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Uk Online Centres (VF) - EPN 2.0 CRéATIF

  1. Section Divider: Heading intro here. Inclusion numérique au Royaume-Uni Ian Clifford, Business Development Manager
  2. Activités d’inclusion numérique

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  2. by opening up ICT skills, the internet and online government services to people who are not online at home or at work or who need support in using computers. 3,000 centres in public libraries (48%)2,200 centres in the voluntary sector (35%)800 centres in adult or further education centres and in the private sector (12%)300 centres in other centres (5%)An estimated 30,000 staff in centresA number of UK government agencies are key partners, but principallyDepartment for Innovation, Universities and Skills (DIUS, was DfES) and Ufi ltd, managing agency under contract from DIUSLocal authorities, education and voluntary and community organisations
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  4. Benefits vs risks