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Viking VK-W2000A-EWP

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The W-2000A is a handsfree doorbox in a surface mount light grey UV stable plastic chassis. It is designed to interface directly with an unused analog telephone line input of phone system. One or two W-2000A doorboxes can also share an existing phone line when used with a C-1000B doorbox controller.
Visit: https://www.goheadsets.com/viking-vk-w-2000a-ewp/

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Viking VK-W2000A-EWP

  1. 1. Viking Electronics W2000A with EWP www.goheadsets.com
  2. 2. In commercial locations, a door box is a very helpful option so that communication can be done without using a handset. Viking is termed as one of the finest companies dealing in emergency communication equipment. The Viking W2000A is a high standard door box used in various commercial areas including factories, assembly areas and noisy workplaces. The Viking W2000A is highly suitable for communicating in noisy areas. Here are some other key features which the Viking VK-W-2000A has. ∙ The Viking W2000A allows users to choose a ringer volume according to his preferences. If the working environment in which the phone is being used is too noisy, the ringer volume can be increased. For instance, in factory assembling areas, the overall environment is quite noisy. Thus, theViking W2000A proves to be suitable as it offers loud ringer options to the user. Enhanced Weather Protection Option A door box is installed outdoor which exposes it to high temperatures, humidity and other harmful constituents. The Viking W2000A is not a door box that gets affected by extreme weather conditions as has appropriate weather protection features. The Viking W2000A has state of the art weather protection options and combats hazardous weather factors without any problem. For instance, the Viking W2000A does not get affected by condensation. Similarly, it has a strong steel covering that protects the box from harmful weather constituents. Easy installation process for Viking VK-W-2000A The installation process of a door box matters. If the installation process is complicated, technical company personnel charge high costs for installation. If you are using the Viking W2000A, you do not need to worry about paying any additional charges. It has a very simple installation process that is easy to execute and gets completed in quick time. This door box has sealed connectors so that the user does not go through any electronic problems. As compared to other door boxes, the Viking W2000A has a much simpler installation procedure due to which it is recommended more for factories, warehouses and other similar locations. Microphone with volume adjustment The Viking W2000A is highly suitable for noisy situations and users can entertain calls without looking for a quiet environment. The Viking W2000A has a microphone with volume adjustment option. In other words, when the environment is noisy, the volume of the microphone has to be increased. Other than that, the Viking W2000A has a push to talk feature. This feature is actually very helpful when the user has to communicate in a
  3. 3. noisy environment. Through this feature, the user can press the button and talk when he wishes to do so. For noisy environments including factory assembling areas and warehouses, theViking W2000A is a very suitable door box. Depending on the environment, the user can use the push to talk feature or adjust the volume of the microphone. Proper company support for the Viking W2000A Viking is not an inexperienced company that has been working for a short time span. The company is highly reputed and offers quality support to the customers at all times. For instance, if you have a question about the Viking W2000A, you can interact with the support team and your query would be entertained in the shortest possible duration. Viking has an experienced support team that is capable enough to entertain all kinds of technical queries. ∙ Customers do have questions related to the installation of Viking W2000A. If you have a question, you can send an email to the support team and one of the representatives would handle your question. On the other hand, if you are buying a low cost door box from a company that does not offer quality support to save money, you would face a lot of inconvenience if you are unable to use any of the features. The Viking W2000A comes with proper company support so that customers can have their queries answered on time without any problem. ∙ Customers have multiple options to get support when they are using the Viking W2000A. If you have an issue, you can send an email describing the problem being faced and a support representative would provide the needed assistance. For your Viking W2000A, you can also start a live chat session with one of the representatives or call on the company toll free number. Proper company warranty for the Viking W2000A The Viking W2000A is a technical device and it may have faults. Reputed companies always provide their customers with warranty backed products. The Viking W2000A has a proper company warranty and customers can get their claims by following a simple process. Overall Review
  4. 4. There is no doubt that the Viking W2000A is an exceptional door box recommended for emergency communication. Here are some key factors which prove that the Viking W2000A is suitable for this purpose. ∙ Communication devices used in emergency situations need to have a strong structure so that they do not get damaged. For instance, the Viking VK-W- 2000A has to be installed outdoor. This exposes it to hot temperatures, condensation, humidity and other harmful constituents. However, the Viking W2000A comes with weather protection which simply means that these negative factors do not adversely affect it. Other than that, it has a strong structure and stable built. Hence, it does not get damaged in a short duration. The installation process of such devices matters a lot as well. Customers do not prefer door boxes for which a complicated process has to be followed. The Viking W2000A can be installed after following a simple and short process. ● Viking customers do not need to worry about getting timely support because a dedicated team is in place for this purpose. Viking W2000A customers’ get 24/7 customer support and they can get their questions answered whenever the need is there. ● You do not need to be apprehensive about losing your money within the warranty period. All Viking products have complete warranty and customers can get both repairs and replacements within the warranty time period without spending any money.