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Vegetarian food

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Class presentation by Elena Bazán for proyecto integrado

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Vegetarian food

  2. 2. Vocabulary:Vegetarianism: vegetarianismo.b.C: antes de Cristo.Seeds: semillas.Germinated: germinados.Underdone: poco hecho.Blood pressure: presión sanguínea.Soy: soja.Weath: trigo.Slaughterhouse: matadero.
  3. 3. Definition: A vegetarian is a person who doesn´t eat animals products. They only eat vegetables and fruits. To be a vegetarian is more than a special diet, being a vegetarian is a lifestyle.
  4. 4. History:Vegetarianism appeared in India and in Greece in 6 b.C. When the Roman Empire invaded Europe vegetarianism disappeared. With the Renaissance it reemerged. The first vegetarian asociation was created in United Kingdom in 1847.
  5. 5. Curiosity: Originaly vegetarianism had a religious and philosophical sense, even it was called pythagorean diet because phytagorics had vegetarian diets.
  6. 6. There are different vegetarian diets:-Vegan: they don´t eat any animal product even milk products and eggs.-Ovo-lacto-vegetarian: they can eat milk products and eggs.-Raw foodism: they eat seeds, germinated food and in general underdone products.
  7. 7. Vegetarianism it´s a healthy lifestyle:-Vegetarians have lower cholesterol.-They also have lower blood pressure.-It is good for diabetics persons.-It prevents cancer…This and much moremakes you feel better,and if you feel beteryou will be happier!
  8. 8. One problem of being avegetarian is that by not eatinganimal products they don´t eatmany vitamins and proteinsthat are necessary for us. How can they solve this problem?
  9. 9. -Instead of milk they eat nuts that have calcium too.-They drink soy milk that provides proteins.-Cereals, fruits, jam, honey, tofu..
  10. 10. One of the most important food is seitan:Seitan is the vegetarianmeat but more healthy.It´s made with gluten andweath.Vegetarians cook it like we cook meat, fried, with sauce…
  11. 11. Some vegetarians phrases:``Animals are my friends and I don´t eat my friends´´. (Francisco de Asís)``Vegetarian food is not only good for your healthy, it´s good for your soul too ´´.``If it runs, don´t eat it´´.``We are what we eat´´.
  12. 12. In my opinion I would like tobe a vegetarian because I´magainst animal cruelty andevery time I eat meat Iimagine the animal suffering at theslaughterhouse. I think vegetarianism should be more common because it´s good for us and for the animals.