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Augmented reality activity. Learning about others.

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Practical ideas to include augmented reality in your classes. In this one you will learn how to animate a picture and overlay it on the original one for an augmented learning experience!

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Augmented reality activity. Learning about others.

  2. 2. THE TASK Create an Aura around a picture. The Aura will show a video created by you where the character itself explains the more relevant things about their life. I was born in Badalona, I´m 23 years old and I love swimming.
  3. 3. THE ACTIVITIES • In the box you will find some pictures (you can find them at the end of the presentation), choose your favourite or …you can draw a face in the blank faces sheets. • Talk to your partner and decide what´s more relevant about them. If you need more information search it on wikipedia (who they are, where and when they were born, why are they relevant…) • Write four lines about them (first person!) • Now it´s time to give the picture a voice!, we will use the app called Morfo to animate it and create a video. Save the video in the library afterwards.
  4. 4. Animating with Morfo. Helping Guide • Tap on this Icon to activate the app • Tap on “Create a new face”.
  5. 5. Animating with Morfo. Helping Guide • Tap on “Choose here to take a picture” • Take a picture of the sheet you have chosen, clic on “Use photo”
  6. 6. Animating with Morfo. Helping Guide • Frame the head, eyes, nose and mouth. • Clic “Finish” A page with animals pops out, cancel it.
  7. 7. Animating with Morfo. Helping Guide • Now you can record your voice! Clic on start and say what you want your character to say. Stop when you finish your message. Tap here to start your recording
  8. 8. Animating with Morfo. Helping Guide • Clic play and listen. If you are happy with the result clic on Share and clic on Save Video. • Great! You have animated your character! Save your video.
  9. 9. Activities • Now, let´s add Augmented Reality to the picture with Aurasma by overlaying the video that you have just created to the picture so when anyone focuses the picture, the video that you have made will appear. (Internet required)
  10. 10. Create AR with Aurasma. • First open the app called Aurasma • Tap on the menu • Touch the + sign • Touch on “Device” and touch the + sign • Choose Photo Album and choose the Morfo video that you have recorded before
  11. 11. Create AR with Aurasma. • Touch Use and write a name for your Aura, tap on Finish • Now, tap on it again and tap on Select. • Focus your tablet on the chosen picture, wait until the pointer turns green, then tap the camera icon. • Great! Now hang the picture on the wall! Everytime that you´ll focus that picture with the Aurasma App the video that you made will popout bringing the picture to live!
  12. 12. Create AR with Aurasma. If you prefer visual instructions… just follow this great tutorial
  13. 13. +Ideas • Same process can be done with worksheets, drawings, projects… • Instead of using Morfo, use an animation software as Crazy Talk for more complex animations. • Coordinate with the Arts and Crafts teacher and do the same with their self portrait so they can introduce and describe themselves o their friends. • Create a chain of questions and answers beetween the characters so as to facilitate a dialogue. Imagine Steve Jobs asking Android about the future…;)
  14. 14. ANNEX Albert Einstein
  15. 15. Frida Kahlo
  16. 16. Cleopatra
  17. 17. Steve Jobs
  18. 18. Android
  19. 19. Macaca silenus
  20. 20. Hillary Clinton
  21. 21. Barack Obama
  22. 22. Beethoven
  23. 23. Kilian Jornet
  24. 24. Mireia Belmonte
  25. 25. Rafael Nadal
  26. 26. Dog
  27. 27. Miley Cirus
  28. 28. Twitter
  29. 29. Facebook Thumb
  30. 30. Darth Vader
  31. 31. Any doubts?…contact me! Marta Cervera Moliner Marta.cervera@pearson.com @martacervera https://www.facebook.com/marta.cervera.359 eltlearningjourneys.wordpress.com
  32. 32. Looking for more ideas? http://eltlearningjourneys.com/