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Moving Forward with Open Data Science - SWOT Analysis

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Closing Statement at the Open Data Science Symposium, December 1, 2016

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Moving Forward with Open Data Science - SWOT Analysis

  1. 1. Moving Forward with Open Data Science: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats Open Data Science Symposium December 1, 2016, Washington DC http://www.slideshare.net/pebourne
  2. 2. Strengths • Government support of open data and open science e.g. Holdren memo • The young people involved • The commercial world is engaging at the pre-competitive stage • People feel good about working for the common good
  3. 3. Weaknesses • Need for better search • Overcoming the cultural gap • Economics - entrenched business models • The current way we evaluate academic value • Clear delineation between what belongs in the public domain and what represents IP • Double standards regarding openness – eg peer review journal vs preprints
  4. 4. Opportunities • Openness is a gateway to much more • The 6 finalists you have seen today – real opportunities to change the public health agenda and accelerate discovery • Willingness to move from individual to team science – AMP • Emergence of open platforms – synapse • Participant science – • Public-private partnerships • Mechanisms for giving people credit for being open • Community efforts as drivers eg GA4GH
  5. 5. Threats • INCENTIVES / REWARDS • Roll back of government initiatives • Closure of the network – not the internet per se but the data and knowledge layers on top • Inability to push back on centralization – Willbanks • Anglo global is not global, global - Goodhand