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  2. TABLE OF CONTENTS What factors affect the gravitational force between objects? GRAVITY What is it? IMPORTANCE Why do we need it? FACTORS AFFECTING MASS AFFECTS How does mass affect the gravity between objects? 01 02 04 03
  3. GRAVITY What is it? 01
  4. Gravity is “the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass.” Gravity is what keeps up down on the ground, and is what makes things fall. It’s a physical force that brings us to towards the center of the earth. When you stand up, you are pushing against the ground, and it’s pushing back with equal force, making you stand up. WHAT IS GRAVITY?
  5. IMPORTANCE OF GRAVITY 02 Why do we need it?
  6. WHY DO WE NEED IT? MOTION It keeps us from floating away, and defines the way we move. PLANETS It’s what makes the planet orbit the sun, and then moon orbit Earth. ATMOSPHERE Gravity holds down our atmosphere, keeping what we breath in our planet.
  7. FACTORS AFFECTING GRAVITY 03 What factors affect the gravitational force between objects?
  8. WHAT AFFECTS GRAVITY BETWEEN OBJECTS? MASS When the mass increases, the gravity increases as well. DISTANCE When the distance between 2 objects increases, the gravity decreases.
  9. HOW MASS AFFECTS GRAVITY 04 How does mass affect the gravity between objects?
  10. HOW DOES MASS AFFECT GRAVITY BETWEEN OBJECTS? There are 2 planets orbiting each other, as time passes, object 1 grows in mass. This causes the gravitational force between the objects to increase. They both increase overtime, which increases the gravitational force even more.
  11. SUMMARY 05
  12. SUMMARY Gravity is very important for us, and the whole solar system. It’s what keeps us at a steady distance from the sun, keeps our atmosphere attached, and the moon orbiting us. It holds us down to the surface of the Earth, keeping us from floating away. When mass increases, gravity’s force increases. When distance increases, gravity’s force decreases.
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