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Continuous verb exercise

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Continuous verb exercise

  1. 1. WRITTEN BY LIM KEAT PENG 2013A. PRESENT TENSE CONTINUOUS – singular subject – is, am EXAMPLE: 0. Ali __________ going to school. (go) Ali is going to school.1. Ahmad __________sending a letter to his friend. (send)2. She __________walking home after tuition. (walk)3. He __________buying a packet laksa. (buy)4. I __________ cycling to school today. (drive)5. Uncle Abu __________ repairing his guitar. (repair)6. A man __________ coming to see my father. (come)7. It __________ climbing up the tree. (climb)8. The tailor __________ sewing my dress now. (sew)9. An ant __________ crawling on the table. (crawl)10. My mother __________ washing our clothes. (wash)B. PRESENT TENSE CONTINUOUS – plural subject - are EXAMPLE: 0. Ali and Ahmad __________going to school. (go) Ali and Ahmad are going to school.1. His classmates __________ making him a get-well card. (make)2. My sisters __________ walking home after tuition. (walk)3. The monkeys __________ eating the bunch of bananas. (eat)4. Many people __________ starting to work in cities. (start)5. A few of my friends __________ selling their old guitars. (sell)6. Elephants __________ trampling the sugarcanes. (trample)7. My parents __________ taking me Penang now. (take)8. The stars __________ coming out tonight. (come)9. The policemen __________ patrolling the roads. (patrol)10. My siblings __________ listening to a new song by Nurhaliza. (listen)
  2. 2. WRITTEN BY LIM KEAT PENG 2013 C. PAST TENSE CONTINUOUS – singular subject - was EXAMPLE: 0. Ali __________ going to school. (go) Ali was going to school. 1. I __________ studying with my good friend yesterday. (study) 2. John __________ enjoying the time fishing with his elder brother. (enjoy) 3. Our uncle __________ cooking this special delicious keema curry. (cook) 4. The headman __________ helping to put out the fire. (help) 5. While our cat __________ catching a mouse, it fell from the ceiling. (catch) 6. A cow __________ eating our vegetables. (eat) 7. Snow __________ melting which caused the river water to rise. (melt) 8. The sky __________ turning dark as we woke up early this morning. (turn) 9. That boy__________ borrowing books in the library when the alarm rang. (borrow) 10. My mother __________ writing to our aunt as I came home. (write)D. PAST TENSE CONTINUOUS – plural subject - were EXAMPLE: 0. Ali and Ahmad __________ going to school when the accident happened. (go) Ali and Ahmad were going to school when the accident happened. 1. They __________ playing football in the field when it rained. (play) 2. My sisters __________ taking a walk when they saw an old friend. (take) 3. We ______ just reaching our home, when the coconut tree fell. (come) 4. The doctors __________ advising patients the danger of smoking. (advise) 5. Many customers __________ buying things from the 1Malaysia shops. (buy) 6. Hindus __________ celebrating Thaipusam last month. (celebrate) 7. Many passers-by __________ taking free gifts as they walked by. (take) 8. As the tourists __________ stepping down from buses, the vendors came. (step) 9. The sheep __________ grazing in the field, when the lightning struck. (graze) 10. The visitors __________ taking pictures, when the guards stopped them. (take)