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Reminigton Worksheet (Short Version) 6 Questions on Parish Facilities

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Reminigton Worksheet (Short Version) 6 Questions on Parish Facilities

  1. 1. Parish of St. Monica Parish Vision & Facilities Development Each major initiative will respond to the following 6 questions: 1. Describe the program 2. To what age group(s) will it be offered? 3. What kind of gathering/meeting space will be needed? (Ex. classroom, adult formation/teaching space, larger conference room, smaller meeting space, lounge/recreation space, etc..) 4. How many groups will be formed and how many people in each group? 5. Is there an existing room(s) that will work? 6. What else does the room need to be successful? 1. TEMPORAL GIFTS - LARGE CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS (Such as “Called and Gifted Workshop” this Fall) 2. SPIRITUAL GIFTS - PARISH-WIDE PRAYER / FORMATION ENHANCEMENT PROGRAMS 3. TOTAL CHILD AND YOUTH MINISTRY MAKEOVER 4. SUNDAY EXPERIENCE MAKEOVER 5. PARISH PASTORAL OUTREACH (“Impacting Lives/Outreach to the Poor”) 6. COORDINATION & REFOCUS OF ALL PARISH MINISTRIES