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Eric Enge and Rand Fishkin Debunk the Biggest Myths in Search

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The world of SEO is filled with misconceptions and myths. Anyone can claim that they're a search expert and publish any theory they have and call it the latest, greatest search (or SEO) technique. Chasing these wild ideas can be a major time waster, or even worse, actually harmful to your business.

See how Eric Enge (General Manager, Perficient Digital) and Rand Fishkin (Founder, SparkToro) use data and their experience to debunk today’s top search myths, such as:

- You can't get value from no-click searches
- Featured snippets cost you traffic
- Paid search is bigger than organic
- People don't recognize ads in Google
- You can't impact voice search
- And more!
You’ll learn how these myths got started, what the truth actually is, and where you should focus your attention to generate the most impact for your business.

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Eric Enge and Rand Fishkin Debunk the Biggest Myths in Search

  1. 1. Perficient Digital Eric Enge and Rand Fishkin Debunk the Biggest Myths in Search August 8th, 2019 1
  2. 2. Perficient Digital MYTH: You can't get value from no-click searches. Related: Traffic that goes to Google properties is of no use to you.
  3. 3. Perficient Digital REALITY: There remain many ways to benefit.
  4. 4. Perficient Digital MYTH: Featured snippets cost you useful traffic.
  5. 5. Perficient Digital REALITY: In many cases, they can drive significant traffic. Got the Featured Snippet
  6. 6. Perficient Digital MYTH: Use of schema always increases your traffic.
  7. 7. Perficient Digital REALITY: Sometimes the results are NOT positive.
  8. 8. Perficient Digital REALITY: And, sometimes they are!
  9. 9. Perficient Digital MYTH: Paid search is bigger than organic. Related: People don't recognize the ads in Google.
  10. 10. Perficient Digital REALITY: 11 to 1 in favor of organic.
  11. 11. Perficient Digital MYTH: You can’t impact voice answers.
  12. 12. Perficient Digital Knowledge Graph Featured Snippets Actions on Google Apps Speakable Markup* *Currently News Sites Only REALITY: There are many ways to influence voice answers.
  13. 13. Perficient Digital MYTH: Google wants non-commercial content and you can't get conversions from that.
  14. 14. Perficient Digital REALITY: Providing informational content increases brand loyalty.
  15. 15. Perficient Digital MYTH: Social is bigger than search.
  16. 16. Perficient Digital REALITY: Not even close.
  17. 17. Perficient Digital MYTH: Google and Facebook are the only sensible places to do marketing (because that's where everyone spends time online).
  18. 18. Perficient Digital News Sites Blogs Social Media Sites Other Sites Many Sources Drive Google Rankings Many Sources Drive Facebook Conversations REALITY: Many sources/sites drive Google and Facebook.
  19. 19. Perficient Digital MYTH: Paid search is too expensive for you to make positive ROI.
  20. 20. Perficient Digital REALITY: Paid click costs ARE growing over time. Success in paid search requires great discipline (and, preferably, a conversion-likely audience that already knows, likes, and trusts you).