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How to Identify the Damaged ECM of your Car

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ECM stands for “Engine Control Module”. It is an important component that all modern vehicles contain. This module takes information from various sensors of the engine and implements that information for tuning the engine spark. When it fails, it can cause all sorts of issues with the vehicle. Sometimes, ECM makes the car undrivable. A faulty ECM can be recognized by its symptoms. If you know the symptoms, then you can spot the issue timely and stay ahead of the situation by getting them fixed.

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How to Identify the Damaged ECM of your Car

  1. 1. Engine control module(ECM) is also known as an engine control unit.
  2. 2. ECM links your engine to the central computer of the car.
  3. 3. Manage the engine functions based on the information from:  Other systems  Electronic components
  4. 4. When the ECM is damaged, it could spell issues in the entire engine.
  5. 5. Below points help you to identify the damaged ECM in your car.
  6. 6. Weak engine performance can cause several issues in the car. Such as:-
  7. 7. Engine stalling will be inconsistent, so it may stall and then clear up.
  8. 8. In damaged ECM, the engine illuminates a warning light on the dashboard.
  9. 9. Illuminated warning light means that the ECU is in trouble.
  10. 10. Failed engine control module can produce poor engine performance.
  11. 11. As a result, you will experience acceleration issues in your car.
  12. 12. Due to damaged ECM, your car simply does not start and stop suddenly.
  13. 13. When ECU is not working, it won't send electronic input to the engine.
  14. 14. When the ECM is glitchy, the engine won't get the right amount of fuel.
  15. 15. This will drive down the car’s fuel mileage and loss more money.
  16. 16. When ECU is not working properly, replace it to keep the car driveable.
  17. 17. Consult a qualified mechanic to perform the replacement job.
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