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Social listening-insights-emetrics-presentation

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Social listening-insights-emetrics-presentation

  1. 1. eMetrics Chicago 2012 Christina Mannarino Social Listening: Putting What You Can Measure to Work 1
  2. 2. Today’s Discussion  Corporate reality of Social Listening  Approaches, frameworks and use cases for social listening  Next steps 2
  3. 3. About Me  Agency enthusiast, 5 years of account and strategic planning  Connecting threads between traditional research and real-time data (Search + Social) to drive insights for our clients  Educated in English Literature and Studio Arts 3
  4. 4. Performics inspires participation by applying the principles of performance marketing to drive relevant connections across owned, paid and earned media.  We offer a robust suite of performance marketing solutions: — Search Advertising — SEO & Content Optimization — Conversion/Landing Page Optimization — Analytics and Research Services — Display Performance Marketing — Affiliate Marketing — Feeds & Syndication — Mobile Performance Marketing — Reputation Management & Social Media Asset Optimization — Social Performance Marketing  More than 800 experts in 18 countries 4
  5. 5. Social Listening As a corporate reality 5
  6. 6. Following Orders 6
  7. 7. Super Passionate. No Support. 7
  8. 8. Different & Siloed Agendas 8
  9. 9. Rock Stars 9
  10. 10. Which Scenario Do You Fall In? 10
  11. 11. Approaches to Listening 11
  12. 12. Finding a Hidden Gem (good or bad)  Seeking out new, quick, actionable insights What is the Isolate potential Be ready to unique data business fast track impact? 12
  13. 13. A Clean Way to Fast Track The Onion writes article, poking fun of Tide videos 2 days later, a Tide ad is born on YouTube & quickly goes viral 13
  14. 14. Finding a Pattern or Trend of Insights (good or bad)  Consistent insights that can lead to predictions and future marketing strategies Choose timeframe Understand Create a  90+ seasonality cause and forecast to  <30 daily/weekly effect test and learn Be willing to be wrong! 14
  15. 15. Engagement Starts With a Story, Not a Platform Stop thinking data points, individual words, likes and sentiment ratios, and start thinking how these insights can create user narratives. 15
  16. 16. Who Are Your Participants? Participant Statistical Models = Participant Understanding
  17. 17. 3 Use Cases of Actionable Insights 17
  18. 18. Unique Digital Needs Influence Content Strategy Performics client (auto mfr) sought to understand:  How have participants evolved?  Does the auto they want correlate to online behavior segments? Social and Search Insights were integrated with traditional persona research to understand:  Where in-market shoppers research specific vehicles  What are key selling points for specific vehicles  Which vehicles are cross-shopped and why?  How should this evolve TV ads, promotions and our sales dialogue? 18
  19. 19. Prince William’s Dome Led to Free Branding Awareness Hair loss brand Rogaine passively listened and unexpectedly identified (a gem) that Prince William was a core target for social conversation around hair loss, leading up to the Royal Wedding. Insights revealed: – Preferences for specific foam products – Advocates claimed personal success stories – Brand opportunity to leverage royalty/celebrity figures as potential spokespeople in future marketing 19
  20. 20. Key Magnetization Issue Identified & Resolved A major hotel brand sought to understand why they experienced declines in guest bookings. Social listening exposed a significant issue amongst peer review sites. Insights enabled the hotel brand to react quickly and change their service provider. Insights revealed: – The hotel’s guest keys were constantly demagnetizing and not unlocking room doors “Hotel key kept demagnetizing and had to go to front desk for – Unhappy guests spread concerns across multiple help 2X.” Priceline travel review sites 20
  21. 21. Key Insights Should Form An Elevator Pitch 21
  22. 22. Insights That Form An Elevator Pitch Become Actionable  How this can help our business  How we can get more in tune with our participants  How we can embrace innovation  How we compare against our competitors 22
  23. 23. Follow a Simple Framework to Better Understand Your Participants Cleanse Analyze Cluster Identify Apply Create the demos and align engagement additional profiles noise, but and themes & with media research & and don’t behaviors gems and content data activate forget At this point you should have an idea of 2-5 dominating profiles 23
  24. 24. Making Quality Business Collect data for each audience segment Decisions across all touch points Measure effectiveness Segment data using an into profiles organized and create framework for action plans testing Execute by delivering relevant messages and content through two-way dialogue
  25. 25. Integration of Data Sources is Key 1. Social data insights should not only come from a listening tool 2. Real-time data sources like Search Marketing need to be in the mix 3. Integrate social into your CRM databases & track behaviors 25
  26. 26. All good marketing campaigns should be centered around your participant’s experience. Search Email Social Display Apps Video Channels Content Finance Keyword/ Context Participant Business Operations Messaging Experience Metrics Testing Research Bid Marketing Strategy Analytics KPIs Testing Attribution Forecasting Segmentation Clustering 26
  27. 27. Next Steps 1. Corporate culture can change with hope, empowerment and consistency. 2. Build a council of stakeholders. Whether you have “social” in your title or not, you are all owners. 3. Create a framework and process that enables the ability to fast track. 4. Bridge the customer intelligence gap and invest in collective technologies. 27
  28. 28. Thank you! Christina Mannarino Christina.Mannarino@performics.com @MannyChiTown 28

Notes de l'éditeur

  • Tuesday, June 26, 11:30 am-12:15 pm
  • Told to do itTop-Down, industry leaders, cross-departments, agency counterpartsCOVER UP OTHER AGENCIES
  • Super passionate about social but lack internal supportStakeholders don’t understand or don’t prioritize, causing action barriers
  • Many cross department teams that manage social elements, but don’t work together. There is no council of leaders or a holistic approach. Essentially you’re working in siloed worlds with different objectives.
  • Living and breathing it.Industry rock stars embracing social data to drive marketing and customer intelligence. WalmartLabs and Amercan Red Cross/Dell are great examples of companies are actively collecting and listening to social data to change their business approach and their marketing plans. Dell solutions provide the Red Cross with innovative ways to help Americans impacted by disasterDell and the American Red Cross have a long-standing relationship, which Dell has expanded to include additional general funding, technology and employee engagement to support innovative disaster relief programs. As a member of the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program, Dell helps the Red Cross assist victims of disaster and support volunteers who work at disaster scenes. Members of the Annual Disaster Giving Program pledge donations in advance of major disasters to help the Red Cross ensure an immediate response to meet the needs of those affected by disasters. Now Dell and the American Red Cross are expanding their partnership with the latest technology in enterprise social media — the social listening command center.
  • Quick raise of hands
  • Understand the cause and effectLayer against media plan, and understand external influencersCreate a forecast for test and learn framework Forecast repetitions for future strategic planning and content development
  • SolutionPerformics integrated behavioral insights based on searcher activity with qualitative data from social listening to develop up to date audience insights comparing multiple models and vehicle segments. The automotive marketer has since incorporated insights into regional digital and TV strategies.
  • SolutionThe hotel group contacted their keycard suppliers who resolved the technical issue promptly. Social conversations about this problem have since decreased. “Basic hotel that is clean and comfortable. Staff are really friendly and helpful however the keys keep on demagnetizing and they said it was because my keys were near a phone or credit card however the keys were not near anything. I think it was just cheap keys or dirty locks. Otherwise, I would stay there again.”TripAdvisor“The key cards kept demagnetizing and the lobby was a long way away to have them reset. We purposely kept them away from cell phones and magnets, but they still demagnetized.” Expedia
  • Social data from varied sources (Pinterest)Other real-time data sources like Search Queries &amp; Search Sequence AnalysesTraditional persona/audience researchCreate data connections to your existing CRM via Marketing Automation Suites
  • Every Day You Make Decisions That Greatly Impact And Can Even Make Or Break Your BusinessIt is the quality of the decisions that are made every day (decisions like “Exploit untapped opportunities with existing customers, Identify most important customers, Acquire high-growth new customers, Aligning sales resources, Targeting working moms and their need for suits and convenient shopping,and Predicting customer/prospect behavior) that -- in the end – determine whether a company will succeed or be out of business. How good the quality of the information is behind these decisions directly impacts the profitability of those decisions: there is a direct correlation between quality information and profitability
  • Once CI professionals integrate social data into their customer databases, they’ll havethe ability to track customers between channels, even when they aren’t calling for support orpurchasing a product.
  • Here we have the ultimate analytically driven organization. There’s a lot here – let’s take it piece by piece, starting with the participant – because all good marketing campaigns should be centered around your customer’s/participant’s experience.