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Reprogramming Leadership for Agility - September 2016

Interested in scaling agile to your entire organization? Most leaders look to scaling frameworks to drive their adoption and growth. However, research shows that the largest impediment to further agile adoption is organizational leaders and culture.

This presentation provides a framework for leaders to begin with their own thinking and behaviors - to role model agility for the organization to improve adoption, sustain and grow agility in their organizations.

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Reprogramming Leadership for Agility - September 2016

  1. 1. Reprogramming Leadership for Agility Pete Behrens Leadership Agility Coach @petebehrens #ALD16
  2. 2. Pete Behrens, CEC, CST® 2  Leadership Agility Coach with Trail Ridge  Guide organizational agility…  Certified Leadership Agility 360 Coach  Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC)  Certified Scrum Trainer (CST)  Created Scrum Alliance Programs: Certified Enterprise Coaching (CEC) Certified Agile Leadership (CAL)  Scrum Alliance board member
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  33. 33. © 2016 Agile Isn’t Sticking or Scaling… Today’s Leadership i CULTURE STRUCTURE PROCESS Doing Scrum or other agile approaches Runs into organizational and cultural issues And ultimately is stifled to adopt and grow.
  34. 34. © 2016 Agile Leadership is the key CULTURE STRUCTURE PROCESS Organizations that start with culture/values And build agile structures to support them Ultimately grow and sustain agility And their organizational effectiveness
  35. 35. © 2016 Focus on Enablement ✴Imagines creatively ✴Connects emotionally ✴Seeks & uses feedback GROWTH MINDSET AGILE VALUES ✴Creates a safe workplace ✴Guides organization change ✴Builds organization culture
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  38. 38. Thank you! Pete Behrens Leadership Agility Coach @petebehrens #ALD16