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2018 12 version 1.6 trustmark for smart cities

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trustmark for smart cities

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2018 12 version 1.6 trustmark for smart cities

  1. 1. Trustable Technology Mark A Trustmark for the Internet of Things NYC, 12 Dec 2018 Trustmark for Smart Cities Peter Bihr (@peterbihr) Jason Schultz (@lawgeek) This work is created as part of a Mozilla Fellowship. Unless otherwise noted, Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0. trustabletech.org is an 
 initiative by ThingsCon e.V. 
 with support from Mozilla.
  2. 2. Peter Bihr ThingsCon Mozilla Fellow Project lead thingscon.com
 @peterbihr Jason Schultz NYU Law Mozilla Fellow Legal theendofownership.com
 @lawgeek Peter Thomas University of Dundee Logo & Brand tompigeon.com
 dundee.ac.uk/djcad ThingsCon Community ThingsCon is a global initiative to explore and promote the development of fair, responsible, and human-centric technologies for IoT and beyond. thingscon.org
  3. 3. ThingsCon explores and promotes the development of fair, responsible, and human- centric technologies for IoT and beyond. We create events, resources, and tools for a diverse community of practitioners to promote ethical, responsible and human- centric practices. A Trustmark for IoT: A ThingsCon Initiative With support from Mozilla through a Mozilla Fellowship for project lead Peter Bihr
  4. 4. The Internet of Things increasingly touches all aspects of our lives, but mostly it consists of black boxes. We need to make sure that we can trust them. Consumers and citizens have little insight into how any one connected product works, what it even might be capable of, or if the company employs good, responsible data practices. This is not an oversight on the consumers' side: We lack the tools to find out. Why do we need a trustmark? Image: Pixabay CC0
  5. 5. Quelle: Stephen die Donato, Andrew Welch Connected Home Smart
  6. 6. 4 questions that we should be able to answer for every connected device. But for connected products, these are very hard questions to answer. A simple litmus test Source: The Waving Cat (CC BY) Does it do anything I wouldn’t expect? Is the organization trustworthy? Is it made using trustworthy processes? Does it do what I expect it to do?
  7. 7. The Trustable Technology Mark empowers consumers to make informed decisions & 
 enables companies to prove their connected products are trustworthy.
  8. 8. The trustmark is aspirational and aims to raise the bar at the top of the pyramid. This work is driven by values. This needs to exist in order to get to a better IoT, and a better society. We believe that good ethics are good for business. Our Goal A trustmark to aim higher. - find out more on medium.com Trustable Tech Mark Baseline certification Great Good Bad
  9. 9. Those companies who already build trustworthy products have already done the “hard” work. For them, documenting their work is easy and quick. However, if a company just isn’t there yet, they need to go back and put in more effort. Characteristics Peter Bihr (CC-BY-SA) Hard to earn Valuable/Meaningful Easy to apply The trustmark should be
  10. 10. How does it work? Self- assessment Company fills in the self- assessment tool, an online application form that consists of yes/no questions plus explanations. Should the company find it hard to answer questions, they have identified a weakness. Application review Trustmark issued If the application passes, the results are fully published online. If contested questions cannot be resolved, the trustmark is not issued and the results will not be published. 1 2 3 There’s always a human in the loop. Our experts review the application. If necessary, they follow up for clarification. The carrot is public proof that a product is best-in- class: a market incentive. The stick is in the public accountability once the company decides to use the trustmark and the self-assessment results are published in full.
  11. 11. The trustmark evaluates products for 5 dimensions that we identified as most crucial for consumers Dimensions *See A Trustmark for IoT (2017), p. 56 Privacy & Data Practices
 How respectful of privacy? Is it designed using state of the art data practices? Transparency
 Is it obvious to users what the device does and how data might be used? Security
 Is it designed and built using state of the art security practices and safeguards? Stability
 How robust? How long a lifecycle to expect? Openness
 How open are device and manufacturer? Is open data used or generated?
  12. 12. How might these guiding principles translate from consumer rights to citizen rights in a Smart City? Privacy & Data Practices Transparency Security Stability Openness
 Privacy & Data Practices Transparency & Accountability Security Resilience Openness
 Consumer Products Smart City
  13. 13. We’re proud that a wide range of academic, policy and design practice partners support the Trustable Technology Mark and use it as part of their research and practice: ITS Rio, NYU Technology Law & Policy Clinic, CIS India, BiLGi Information Technology Law Institute, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab, University of Dundee, Centrum Cyfrowe, and Technical University of Dresden’s Institute of Media and Communication. Launch partners Find out more trustabletech.org/partners
  14. 14. What does a trustmark mean legally? THE CERTIFICATION MARK, AS USED BY PERSONS AUTHORIZED BY CERTIFIER, CERTIFIES THAT, IN THE OPINION OF APPLICANT'S RATING OR APPEALS BOARDS, MOST AMERICAN PARENTS WILL CONSIDER THE MOTION PICTURE INAPPROPRIATE FOR VIEWING BY ANYONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, BY REASON OF ITS DEPICTION OR TREATMENT OF VIOLENCE OR SEX OR ABERRATIONAL BEHAVIOR OR DRUG ABUSE, OR A COMBINATION OF THESE OR OTHER ELEMENTS. The certification mark, as used by persons authorized by the certifier, certifies that the goods and services provided are in compliance with Kosher dietary food preparation and handling standards. The Code of Jewish Law, as codified by Rabbi Yosef Karo with the glosses of Moses Isserles (The Rema) and other authorities, is the standard by which the certifier certifies that the goods and services are in compliance with Kosher dietary food preparation and handling standards.
  15. 15. Peter Bihr peter@thewavingcat.com ThingsCon e.V. thingscon.com trustabletech@thingscon.com trustabletech.org Thank you. Questions? Please get in touch.