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Sabrina Sholts, "Outbreak at the Smithsonian: From Emergence to Global Spread"

  1. Sabrina Sholts Curator, Department of Anthropology Outbreak at the Smithsonian: from emergence to global spread
  2. NMNH mission: Understanding the natural world and our place in it
  3. NMNH curators: Anthropology to Zoology
  4. Daniel Lucey Jon Epstein
  5. Meg Rivers
  6. Ashley Peery
  7. Volunteer training
  8. Outbreak visitor survey Robert Costello, Sabrina Sholts, Monica Cheung and Kendall Julian Visitor survey
  9. Audiences and programs
  10. Visitors to Outbreak: Participants in Outbreak programs: 670,000 since May 2018 >6,000,000 people by 2021 NMNH Total ~1,000 per year
  11. Kerri Dean Outbreak Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
  12. Outbreak opening reception
  13. Prince Mahidol Award Conference Bangkok, Thailand
  14. National Science Museum Khlong Luang District, Thailand
  15. Heureka, the Finnish Science Center Vantaa, Finland
  16. El Museo Nacional de Antropología Dr. David J. Guzmán San Salvador, El Salvador
  17. Ez Shaibani Hospital Sana’a, Yemen
  18. Newseum, Washington, DC Robert Costello
  19. International Conference on Emerging Infectious Diseases, Atlanta, GA
  20. Health Sciences and Human Services Library University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
  21. Life Sciences Building, West Virginia University Morgantown, WV
  22. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
  23. #OutbreakDIY @sabrinabsholts @NMNH
  24. Interested participants: 106 Signed participants: 50 Global Total: ? Harvard Global Health Institute: 20 countries American Society for Microbiology: 7 US States, 14 countries
  25. Angela Roberts Charles ChenLoretta Cooper Shannon Willis Julia LouieAudrey Chang Junko Chinen Meg Rivers Sally Love Thanks Robert Costello