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Fact sheet 1_h11_inglês

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Fact sheet 1_h11_inglês

  1. 1. FACT SHEET 1H11 Company Profile Net Income 19.184 Founded in 1953, Petrobras is a publicly traded corporation operating in an integrated 20,000 15.504 manner in the following segments of the oil, gas, and energy industry: exploration US$ Million 15,000 13.138 and production; downstream, marketing, transportation and petrochemicals; 12.826 13.172 10,000 distribution; natural gas, energy and biofuels. Acknowledged as the leader in deep and ultra-deep water exploration and production, Petrobras is currently the world’s 5,000 third largest energy company (source: PFC Energy, 2010), and the best managed company in Latin America (source: Euromoney, 2010). 2007 2008 2009 2010 1H11 Comp etitive Advantages Consolidated Financial Results The volume of proved oil and gas reserves and the ongoing success rate in the In the first semester of 2011, Petrobras reported a net profit of $13,2 billion, up company’s exploration results have afforded Petrobras a prominent position and 53,8% from 2010. In the period, EBITDA reached $19 billion, while investments growth in the industry. totaled $20,2 billion. In October 2010, the Company completed a global public Petrobras’ performance indicators in the first semester of 2011 include: average offering of common and preferred shares that resulted in a capital increase of oil and gas production of 2.6 million barrels per day; 16 refineries; 130,2 thousand $70,005 billion. The proceeds were allocated to pay for the Transfer of Rights square kilometers of exploration areas, with more than 15,000 producing wells; Agreement and to finance the Business Plan. 132 production platforms; a fleet of 52 own vessels; 48 land and sea terminals and 8,477 service stations. (Million US$) 2009 2010 1H11 In Brazil, Petrobras has the leadership in all segments of the value chain and the Net Income 15.504 19.184 13.172 company’s growing production is fully supported by its discoveries. This dominant EBITDA 28.982 32.626 18.959 Net Debt 40.963 36.701 43.382 position combined with the strong local demand in one of the fastest growing Shareholders Equity 94.058 183.397 205.917 global markets enhances the company’s logistical synergies and credit quality. Net Debt / Net Capitalization 31% 17% 17% Net Debt / EBITDA 1,2 1,03 1,07 Adjusted EBITDA: US$ 18.959 billion (1H11) Growth Strategy 6% - G&P The 2011-2015 Business Plan provides for investments of $224,7 billion. Of this total, $213.5 billion are being allocated to projects in Brazil and a further $11.2 3% -Distribution billion to overseas activities. 86% - E&P 5% - International The focus will be on the Exploration and Production segment, which will get $127,5 billion (Brazil and International), for a total of 57% of the investments. Of this amount, 45% billion will be set aside to develop the pre-salt alone, where average production is expected to be 543,000 bpd in 2015. The oil and natural gas production projected for 2015 is expected to top at 3,9 million boed, of which 3.68 million boed will represent the domestic production. Dividend Payout 2011-2015 Business Plan 40% 8,000 7,000 1% 2% 1% US$ 224.7 billion 35% 6,000 35% 2% 5,000 6% US$ Million 29% 29% 4,000 30% 28% 3,000 2,000 25% E&P 1,000 22% G&P 20% Distribution 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 70.6 127.5 57% Corporate Dividends (US$) Dividends / Net Income RTM 31% Petrochemicals BiofuelsFact Shet 1 H11_v4.indd 1 28/09/2011 12:46:49
  2. 2. FACT SHEET 1H11 Equity performance Operating Data In 2010, an average of 90% of the refining capacity was used. Sales on the Brazilian BM&F Bovespa (R$ per stock) NYSE (US$ per ADR) market in 1H11 were 8,3% higher than those in 1H11 at 2,422,000 barrels per day. Preferred Commom Preferred Commom Oil products sales increased 9% vs. 1H11. There was also a strong growth in Ticker* PETR4 PETR3 PBRA PBR gasoline sales (17,3%) and an increase of oil imports due to the domestic market Last Price 23,60 26,10 30,68 33,86 growth. The proved oil and natural gas reserves amounted to 15.985 billion boe Maximum 12 month 29,36 33,81 36,21 41,56 Minimum 12 month 22,99 25,33 28,91 31,87 in 2010, according to the SPE criterion, representing a 5% growth compared to 2009. Petrobras maintains its goal of increasing reserves at a faster pace than *June, 30 2011 production and of reaching a minimum 100% Reserve Replacement Index (RRI). In 2010, the RRI was 229%. As a result, according to the SPE criterion, the Reserve/ Pre -salt Production ratio stood at 18,4 years. Petrobras, the global leader in exploration and production in deep and ultra-deep Oil and Gas Production waters, made one of the biggest discoveries in recent times in the oil industry: the 2.613 pre-salt area, which potentially ranks Brazil among the countries with the largest 2.583 2.526 oil and gas reserves in the world. 2.301 2.400 442 428 In the Lula (previously Tupi) and Cernambi (previously Iracema) fields, and in 413 422 Thous boe/day the Iara, Guará, and Parque das Baleias blocks alone, the recoverable volume is 383 2.155 2.171 2.113 1.978 estimated between 8.1 and 9.6 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe). This amount, 1.918 added to the right to explore a volume of 5 billion boe acquired through the Transfer of Rights Agreement, may more than double the current Petrobras reserves. Prospecting at a depth of 5,600 meters from the surface of the sea, 2007 2008 2009 2010 1H2011 cutting through a 2,000-meter-thick layer of salt, and operating at a distance of Oil, NLG and Condensate Natural Gas Total nearly 230 km off the coastline, the company had 100% success rate in all wells drilled in the Santos Basin pre-salt area. In October 2010, the production started at the Lula Field, and in last December, the commerciality of Lula and Cernambi fields were declared, considering a total recoverable volume of 8.3 billion boe. There are currently eight extended well International Performance tests (EWT) going underway in the pre-salt area. In the first half of 2011 Petrobras invested US$ 1,06 billion in international activities aimed at growing production in the deep-water regions. The Company currently operates on five continents and in 25 countries, focusing Rio de Janeiro principally on the United States and on the west coast of Africa. Libra Social and Environmental Responsibility South Cernambi In 2010, Petrobras invested US$ 402,2 million in social, environmental, cultural, Iara Horst and sports projects in Brazil and abroad. Since 2006, Petrobras has been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DSJI), the most important of its Northeast Carioca P7 Lula Pilot category, recognition of the company’s socio-environmental responsibility and North Guará commitment. It should be pointed out that the company has been a signatory to the UN’s Global Compact since 2003. IG1 Lula Pilot Contacts South Lula www.petrobras.com.br/ir E-mail: investors@petrobras.com Telephones: 0800-282-1540 / (21) 3224-1510 / 3224-9947 South Guará Transfer of Rights Under ConcessionFact Shet 1 H11_v4.indd 2 28/09/2011 12:46:55