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Is Pharma afraid of using Social Media

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Slides from my presentation at GLC Social Media & Emarketing Forum in Frankfurt June 2013.

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Is Pharma afraid of using Social Media

  1. 1. Is PharmaAfraid ofUsing Social?Alexandra Fulford@Pharmaguapa
  2. 2. Times have changed . . .2http://imbapic.com/how-times-have-changed.html
  3. 3. Everyone’s doing it . . . .
  4. 4. ..... Some better4Not been usedsince Nov 2011than others
  5. 5. Social media is becoming more “mainstream”5
  6. 6. Starting to see some great best practice beingimplemented6
  7. 7. But Pharma is still behind in social media.7Regulatory?Lack ofUnderstandingPolitics andSilosStrategyandLeadershipDecentralisedMarketingWhy?
  8. 8. Senior Leadership needs to LEAD1. Start to approach social media strategically2. Get trained . . . and train the organisation3. Support new process and ways of working4. Break down the silos and ...5. Reward results not politics6. Give global direction8Politics andSilos
  9. 9. So Global is better than local implementation?9Or
  10. 10. Regardless of corporate structure . . .10
  11. 11. . . . it is all about being a team across the globe11
  12. 12. My recommendations . . .1. Get senior leadership trained and on board2. Have a central social media team and local representatives3. Set up a global / local team and process4. Have clear guidelines and training5. Share resources and knowledge6. Have a consistent presence7. Work together as a global team8. Stop being afraid!12
  13. 13. 13For more information:@pharmaguapapharmaguapa@hotmail.comwww.pharmaguapa.com