Awakening the field

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29 Mar 2021

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Awakening the field

  1. Curiosity for Systems Trauma Philippe Bailleur
  2. 20 dingen die je wil lezen voor je je organisatie naar een levend systeem transformeert Het nieuwe organiseren, ook in België Philippe Bailleur - Anne Billen - Hans Hoegaerts systeemverandering in de zorgsector Tilda Duchamps & Philippe Bailleur Trainer - Coach - Systemic Worker - Org Dev - Org Trauma 0 13 16 24 28 35 49
  3. What kind of questions are in the room?
  4. “Our pull towards juicy healing work, could be our biggest enemy in working with trauma.” “The ’how to’ is irrelevant if we can’t open corporate doors for doing the work.”
  5. Opening the corporate world for the phenomenon of system trauma.
  6. Individual Trauma (parts) Collective Trauma (shared by several parts) System Trauma (relational wiring, connecting tissue between parts, cfr. fascia or nervous system)
  7. “And so, we lift our gazes not to what is between us, but what stands before us.” Amanda Gorman (cfr. Ya & Ba)
  8. Challenges companies are having. Where can systemic workers make a difference?
  9. What and where is the added value of systemic work for companies? What and where is the added value of systemic work when there is system trauma? What will help or limit us - systemic workers - to bring our work to the corporate world?
  10. “The limits of our language mean the limits of our world.” - Wittgenstein
  11. Organizations as Living Systems Resilience Regenerative Life Force is Flowing Life Force is Stuck Degenerative Rigidity
  12. We see strong parallels between what it takes to create healthy attachment in children and what leads to healthy relational wiring in organizations.
  13. The deep 'assumptions’ about leadership open or close the door for working with and/or taking care of the relational wiring of organizations. But why would leaders start doing that?
  14. The capacity to deal with complexity, a fast changing world, overwhelming events (cfr. COVID-19) and the the - so-called - absorptive capacity grows with the density and the quality of the relational wiring of a company.
  15. Organisation B Organisation A The quality of the relational wiring has an immediate impact on the wellbeing of the workforce and, the output (product, service, quality, …) of a company.
  16. Conway’s Law (1967): “Any organization that designs a system (= a product, service, software, …) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication & collaboration structure.” “Companies ship their org chart.”
  17. This system has a bottleneck If those folding lines won’t be managed a SILO-dynamic will unfold, exactly what board members try to overcome nowadays. The information & know-how of this ‘sub-system’ will not be available for the development of collective intelligence.
  18. Ventral Connections Sympathetic Connections Dorsal Connections Ventral, Sympathetic or Dorsal Culture nurtured by leadership behaviour
  19. So, the relational wiring of a company is becoming a strategic asset. Working in a trauma-informed way is about taking care of that relational fabric - beyond housewifery - as if it’s an entity, a body crucial for strategy execution.
  20. Looking for patterns
  21. Working in a trauma-informed way with companies is about ‘upstream’ care & ‘downstream’ healing of the relational wiring. In service of people, organizations & society.
  22. Challenges companies are having Where systemic workers can make a difference • Developing sensitivity for the relational wiring in and around companies. • Developing ‘corporate-proof’ language. • Linking ‘wiring issues’ with performance issues and/or recurring ‘problems’. • Knowing how to support healing of this relational wiring, knowing that wiring is between people, teams, functions, … even concepts and artefacts of a company. • Supporting companies with salutogenic org design, because there is such a thing as ‘Trauma by Design’.
  23. Let’s stop seeing only the dark in trauma. Let’s start looking for the light behind trauma. cfr. BA & YA
  24. And there is much more to share about this topic: • Check the book “Stuck”, available on AMAZON. • Via you can download a free pre-read and you’ll get some extra content on the topic of TiO. • But for now, thanks for helping to … • open corporate minds for this topic. • develop this emerging field. Philippe Bailleur