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NAMS List building techniques

List building slides from NAMS8 last weekend in Atlanta. Special offer for attendees!

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NAMS List building techniques

  1. 1. Building a Better List Faster Phil Hollows Founder & CEO, FeedBlitz www.feedblitz.com/NAMS @phollows phil@feedblitz.com
  2. 2. About Phil Hollows• Founder and CEO of FeedBlitz, the all-in-one solution for email and social media marketing automation. – Sending over 1,000,000,000 updates per year. – The only FeedBurner alternative for RSS and email stats. – NAMS Sponsor! www.feedblitz.com/NAMS• Author of “List Building for Bloggers” – ListBuildingForBloggers.com www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  4. 4. HOW TO BUILD A GREAT LIST 1. Get more subscribers 2. Keep them for longer www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  5. 5. Complement Your SEO• SEO increases traffic to your site … and then what?• Subscriptions convert visitors into subscribers.• You convert subscribers into money. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  6. 6. Why Isn’t Email Dead in the Age of Social Media?November 2011 www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  7. 7. Why Isn’t Email Dead in the Age of Social Media?November 2011 www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  8. 8. Why Isn’t Email Dead in the Age of Social Media?November 2011 Via http://smedio.com/2012/05/11/why-social-media-is-yet-to-destroy-email-marketing/ www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  9. 9. Are You Wasting Your Blog’s MOST PRECIOUS RESOURCE?“I get ten times more response to my blog from my email subscribers than I do from anyone else.” Seth Godin www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  10. 10. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  11. 11. 50 Shades of Email• Be Christian, Not Ana.• Take control of your subscribers.• Get the right message to the right people at the right Time. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  12. 12. What is a Great List? Quality Quantity www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  13. 13. Adding New Subscribers Make it EASY Make it OBVIOUS
  14. 14. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  15. 15. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  16. 16. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  17. 17. Getting New Subscribers• Web site updates, a.k.a. the newsletter.• Reports.• Email courses: “30 days to …”• Program members.• Shopping cart sales.• Membership sales.• Affiliate acquisition.• Event registration• QR codes and offline forms, mailers. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  18. 18. Accelerating Growth• Use a professional service.• Have a relevant incentive.• Popups.http://www.feedblitz.com/how-i-created-a-listbuilding-machine-by-jeff-nickles/ www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  19. 19. Newsletter Subscription SequenceFill in Dual opt-in Contentform activation mailings Check inbox Thanks for landing page subscribing! Autoresponder Autoresponder sales sequence Autoresponder sales sequence Autoresponder sales sequence Autoresponder sales sequence Autoresponder sales sequence sales sequence www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  20. 20. The FeedBurner Migration Guide http://www.feedblitz.com/the-feedburner-migration-guide/ www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  21. 21. Email Course Subscription SequenceFill in Dual opt-in Autoresponder Autoresponderform activation sales sequence Autoresponder sales sequence Autoresponder sales sequence Autoresponder sales sequence Autoresponder sales sequence sales sequence Check inbox Thanks for landing page subscribing! Content mailings www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  22. 22. Advanced: Automated Sales Integration• It is 10x easier to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one.• Customers / subscribers are the most excited just after they’ve bought.• Capitalize on that enthusiasm, automatically. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  23. 23. Tools of the Trade: Universal Integration• A way for your shopping cart / third party system to forward emails to your email service – Can be done using Outlook / Gmail rules• An email service with an API or “Parsers” – Converts email to new subscription• Automation “Triggers” that can move subscribers between lists for continual relevance. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  24. 24. Power Parser Example: product Sale• Shopping care forwards email to parser.• Parser fires off autoresponder squeeze sequence.• Trigger migrates subscriber to content mailings at the end.• Meanwhile, affiliate pitch can be processed by a second parser.• When activated, sub gets affiliate-centric mailings. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  25. 25. Shopping Cart Sale Automation Sequence Buy Affiliate New affiliate New affiliate New affiliatee-book email pitch email sequence New affiliate sequence New affiliate sequence New affiliate sequence Forward sequence to parser Thank you Download landing page link email Affiliate-oriented content mailings New buyer Autoresponder Autoresponder notification sequence Autoresponder sequence Autoresponder sequence Autoresponder Content sequence Forward sequence mailings to parser www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  26. 26. Finding the Price Point• Similarly, this sequence uses an autoresponder to offer increasingly steep discounts.• When a purchase is eventually made, the parser grabs the buyer’s email address.• The trigger then removes the subscriber from the discounting autoresponder www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  27. 27. Content With Discount SqueezeFill in Dual opt- Contentform in email mailings Check inbox Thank you Thank you landing page landing page autoresponder 10% offNew buyer email Purchase made 20% off Forward 40% off to parser Stops sequence 50% off www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  28. 28. You’ve Built the LIstsNow You Have to Keep Them!
  29. 29. Mailing Frequency• There is danger on mailing too often: – Subscribers can feel abused, bombarded. – Increases complaint and unsubscribe rates.• There is danger in mailing too little. – People forget they signed up yesterday, last week, last month. – Increases complaint and unsubscribe rates.• Find the right balance. – Watch your unsubscribe rates and reasons – Don’t mail much less than once a week – Use autoresponders after sign up to stay front and center www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  30. 30. Mixing Content and Offers• Continue to build trust and authority with content mailings.• Intersperse with your offers.• Don’t make everything “20% off, free shipping”!• Idea: For sales campaigns, send: – One more email than you’re comfortable with. – Send it a couple of hours before the deadline. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  31. 31. Full or Partial Content?• Full content: – Richest subscriber experience. – Affiliate links and sponsorships come through. – Engaging when read in the preview pane. – Lower click through rates.• Partial content: – Requires click through to get all the content. – High risk of affiliate link loss, formatting, images. – Much less engaging content. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  32. 32. Popup Subscription Forms• Popups can be very effective! – They can also be hostile, interruptive and spammy.• Build trust and respect your visitor before popping up a subscription form. – Give the visitor a chance to read your content. – The longer the session lasts, the more aggressive you can become. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  33. 33. Multi-List Segmentation Options• Content segmentation for large sites – Create lists to cater to each niche within the site. – Increases relevance and hence engagement.• Schedule segmentation – Offer real-time, daily or weekly digest options. – Untimely emails yield unsubscribes.• Audience segmentation – e.g. Subscribers, purchasers, members, partners, affiliates. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  34. 34. Demographic Segments• Don’t ask for what you’re not going to use. – Reduces friction, accelerates list growth.• Think about what you really need, e.g. – Collect birth month, not birthday. – First name and state, not ZIP and street address. – “Blast” selectively – don’t make the subscriber feel bombarded. – Use suppression lists for JV, sponsor mailings.• Think “outside the blast” and be serendipitous! – Birthday or anniversary discounts. – Random monthly drawings. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  35. 35. Event-Driven Multi-List Segmentation• Activity-based segmentation is the best way to generate downstream revenues. – Mail sent based on activity is always timely and relevant.• Use list automation – rules, triggers, parsers – to move people between lists for your site. – Use notification emails from third party systems to trigger automatic list and subscriber management.• Target the right message to the right list during a sales program. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  36. 36. Automatic Subscriber Management• Your email service should: – Automatically remind pending subscribers to activate. – Handle CAN-SPAM compliance for you. – Manage subs / unsubs / complaints / bounces. – Enable your subscribers to help themselves.• Your email service should NOT: – Charge you for addresses that it’s not mailing. – Require you to manually clean lists to keep fees down. – Hold your subscribers hostage if there’s a problem with your account. – Force you to reveal potentially sensitive information such as your home address to all your subscribers. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  37. 37. Keeping it Clean: Re-engagement and List Hygiene• Remove subscribers who aren’t engaging with your mailings. – Improves list quality and delivery metrics. – May save you money on your service. – Be careful! Opens are difficult to track.• Choose your parameters. – e.g. >6 months old and no recent interactions (opens and clicks).• Don’t simply delete subscribers who qualify. – Run a re-engagement campaign. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  38. 38. Architecture of a Re-engagement Campaign1. Checking you still want to hear from me, did you miss this great content? Want a different list?2. Offer an incentive.3. We’re going to unsubscribe you unless you click.4. Last chance!5. You’ve been unsubscribed. Here’s how to get back on the list. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  39. 39. Re-engagement SequenceStill want us?Here’s a deal! Reader engagesRemoval soon Thank you!Last chance! Stops sequence Buh-bye End of sequence rule unsubscribes reader from main list www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  40. 40. A/B Testing• Have clear goals and metrics. – e.g. ad copy -> click-throughs -> conversions• Make sure your sample is statistically significant – Margin of error is ~ sqrt(samplesize). – Key: understand sample size.• Can you do multi-variate testing? – Can be easier to handle one change at a time. – Sometimes really simple things make a massive difference, e.g. • Add an arrow or >> to a call to action button. • Changing a button’s color or test font. • Changing call to action “Subscribe” to “Join” www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  41. 41. Your Goal: An Automated Email Sales and Marketing System• Target the right people at the right time with the right messages.• Create a mix of autoresponders, lists and incentives.• Automate using activity-based triggers and parsers.• Manage your “digital sharecropping” risk.• Keep engagement UP and complaints DOWN.• Run periodic re-engagement campaigns if necessary. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  42. 42. FeedBlitzKey Facts
  43. 43. Like Other Email Services, FeedBlitz DELIVERS• Automatic daily email “blog broadcasts.”• Traditional email blasts.• Multi-step autoresponders.• Unlimited custom fields, segmentation and personalization.• Simple flat-fee pricing.• Shopping cart integrations, triggers and parsers.• Expert, friendly technical support.• Comprehensive API.• 99%+ deliverability. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  44. 44. Unlike Those Other Guys, FeedBlitz:• Is your internet marketer friendly business partner.• Speaks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, RSS and more.• Has express, weekly, monthly and topic-filtered automatic “blog broadcasts.”• Preserves affiliate links, images and formatting in partial posts.• Handles video in email.• Allows imports WITHOUT making your readers re- subscribe.• Won’t hold your subscribers hostage.• Automatically reminds non-activated subscriptions.• Won’t charge you for unsubscribed, deleted or pending subscriptions. www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  45. 45. A Word About FeedBurner• Google just announced the end of the @FeedBurner Twittter account• They also shuttered the FeedBurner blogFREE GUIDE:http://www.feedblitz.com/the-feedburner-migration-guide/ www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  46. 46. Two Great Deals!• 25% LIFETIME DISCOUNT on FeedBlitz at www.feedblitz.com/NAMS - offer ends 8/15• Join the affiliate program at http://www.feedblitz.com/affiliate-partnership-p – Affiliate and super-affiliate levels – Up to 40% recurring revenue www.feedblitz.com/NAMS
  47. 47. Thank You! Questions? Comments?• Talk to me! – phil@feedblitz.com – @phollows• Resources – Visit: http://www.feedblitz.com/NAMS – Check out: http://ListBuildingForBloggers.com – Subscribe: http://feedblitz.com/f?Sub=84 www.feedblitz.com/NAMS