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Advanced Brand and Marketing for Early Stage Companies

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This workshop was first given at SXSW 2015 as “Advanced Brand and Marketing for Early Stage Companies”. It explains how to evaluate the market and build a framework for creating a best in class marketing group.

Keep in mind this was presented as a workshop with a lot of the slides spoken over. So you may miss some context.

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Advanced Brand and Marketing for Early Stage Companies

  1. Advanced Brand and Marketing for Early Stage Companies
  2. Tomás Puig Sr. Director, Labs at WP Engine @tnpuig Paul Dery Executive Creative Director at R/GA @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  3. The Landscape House of Mirrors Action Framework Your Turn The Pitch
  4. The Landscape House of Mirrors Action Framework Your Turn The Pitch
  5. This workshop was first given at SXSW 2015 as “Advanced Brand and Marketing for Early Stage Companies”. The Example of SaaS was chosen as an economic model to explore with and these slides were the guide we used to explain the topics. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  6. What is SaaS? @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  7. Two kinds of SaaS business: MRR Those with primarily monthly contracts, with some longer term contracts. In this business, the primary focus will be on MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) ARR Those with primarily annual contracts, with some contracts for multiple years. Here the primary focus is on ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue), and ACV (Annual Contract Value). this section via David Skok
  8. There is two things a SaaS should focus on. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  9. First. Cash Flow.
  10. Single Customer Cash Flow (Skok) -7000 -6000 -5000 -4000 -3000 -2000 -1000 0 1000 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month 8 Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12 CAC (Cost to Acquire the Customer) Subscription Payments * GM% http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/saas-metrics-2/
  11. http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/saas-metrics-2/
  12. Two Key Guidelines for SaaS Startups LTV CAC Months to recover CAC >3x 12 Months< @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/saas-metrics-2/
  13. http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/saas-metrics-2/
  14. http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/saas-metrics-2/
  15. What does awesome look like? http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/saas-metrics-2/
  16. Activity: Write down three SaaS companies you admire. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/saas-metrics-2/
  17. Second. Users.
  18. The quickest way to gain users is to have a product that disrupts the market. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  19. A disruptive innovation gives new consumers access to product historically only available to consumers with a lot of money or skill. (Andreesen)
  20. It's a fabricated myth that disruptive innovation is about destruction: It's about creation (Andreesen)
  21. Disruptive innovation shrinks inequality, by bringing to lower-income consumers things that only richer consumers had. (Andreesen)
  22. Rich people always had books, music, clean clothes. Disruptive innovation made these things available to many more people. (Andreesen)
  23. Printing press disrupted books from scribes; recorded music disrupted live concerts in homes, washing machines disrupted live-in maids. (Andreesen)
  24. A new product for a previously underserved market it is typically cheaper than existing product. (Andreesen) http://venturebeat.com/2014/12/02/marc-andreessen-teaches-startups-what-disruption-is-really- about-in-17-tweets/
  25. The Landscape House of Mirrors Action Framework Your Turn The Pitch
  26. What does this mean for me? @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  27. The Simplicity Filter @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  28. What ONE problem does the product solve? Does my product solve one problem amazingly? YES MOVE ON NOPE
  29. Who is the ONE person my product solves this for? Does it solve the problem for a specific niche? YES MOVE ON NOPE
  30. What level of customer service does the product provide? HIGH (Humans) LOW (Automated)
  31. Case Studies
  32. CASE STUDIES BirchBox Delivers a box of beauty samples each month to your door for $10 - 30 a month. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  33. CASE STUDIES Hubspot Provides a cloud service for inbound marketing that acts as an all in one technical marketing tool for $200 – 2500+ a month. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  34. Activity: For the three companies you chose answer these three questions. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  35. The Experience Exchange Marketing cannot make your product better. What the brand says and what the brand does must be ONE. Match culture to brand essence Does your product deliver on what your marketing says it does? YES MOVE ON NOPE
  36. TARGET
  37. Total Available Market This is the most ignored analysis in early companies. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  38. What is TAM Total Available Market Or stated as: The revenue opportunity available for a product or service. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  39. Niche in Business Terms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Total_addressable_market
  40. Two ways to calculate: Bottom Up: Manual Counting Top Down: Secondary Market Research (analyst reports) @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  41. Niche is a subset of TAM that are your base (or evangelists) @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  42. How to activate your niche
  43. STARTING WITH SOCIAL Social is a great place to start. A low entry barrier to build your brand. Your singular focus comes through in social. You mightn’t have a million followers, but your singular purpose comes through. 4 3
  44. For years, we’ve one had one figurehead broadcasting to many people.
  45. Today we have many.
  46. 4 6
  47. 4 7
  48. 4 8
  49. A couple of rules to social
  50. 01 Social is the sponsoring of a community.
  51. 02 Nobody wants to be your friend, they already have their own.
  52. 03 Talk to your followers like they are your friends. A good friend doesn’t try to sell you, they help you.
  53. 04 No need to be always on, but do be always relevant.
  54. SUCCESSFUL CONTENT IS ALL ABOUT CONTEXT. Who will see it? When will they see it?Where does it live? These are the questions that will help us reach the audiences we want with the messages we want them to see (and the messages they want to see from us).
  55. Be content driven.
  56. SEO – For a start up only five things mostly govern position. 1. Domain authority 2. High quality of inbound links 3. High quantity of inbound links 4. High quality page content 5. Site speed @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  57. Instead of going into channels deeply here is some tips and tricks. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  58. Earned media often refers to “PR” or getting someone to write about you. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  59. Only two things cause narrative in the press: Controversy or Novelty @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  60. Paid. Instead of going deep lets just look at some tips. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  61. The more mature the paid channel the less likely you are to have cheap wins. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  62. Adwords Protect your brand but you aren’t going to outbid the big boys. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  63. Social Paid Useful but limited budgets should be saved for blowing up your earned media wins. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  64. YouTube Paid Wonderful for marketing directly to niche’s on specific channels. But watch your budget. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  65. Affiliates…. Explore them. Can run 10- 30% of revenue acquired. But remember they are motivated by payout. Think lead generation mercenaries for hire. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  66. Display I wouldn’t touch display with an earlier stage company. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  67. A word on churn.
  68. Churn is the loss of an ARR or MRR customer. This is bad.
  69. Customer Nurture: Look after the customers you have. They’re easier and cheaper than acquiring new customers. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  70. The Landscape House of Mirrors Action Framework Your Turn The Pitch
  71. Your Brief.
  72. Now that we’ve the applied simplicity filter to the product. Now that you’ve found your niche. We need to communicate. @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  73. The smaller you are the bigger the purpose you must have
  74. THE BRIEF CUSTOMER BRAND MESSAGE What does the customer want? What does the product deliver? What do you want to say?
  75. THE BRIEF – BIRCH BOX CUSTOMER BRAND MESSAGE It’s a big investment to try out different products. A little sample every month based on your preference. The smartest way to shop for beauty and grooming.
  76. THE BRIEF – HUB SPOT CUSTOMER BRAND MESSAGE Inbound marketing is really $ and very technical for my SMB. A suite of tools that cheaply lets you grow your SMB. Let us handle the hard things so you can focus on what you do.
  78. NETFLIX CUSTOMER BRAND MESSAGE It’s Blockbuster or bust. A huge library of unique titles delivered to your door. Movies delivered to your door without a late fee.
  80. SaaS Marketing in a start up primarily consists of three activities. 1. Acquisition 2. Sales Enablement 3. Customer Nurture @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  81. Lets say you have four people.
  82. THE MODERN MARKETING DEPARTMENT Strategy Creative Comms Data KPIs and OKRs Research Positioning A/B Testing Plans International Copy (selling) Content (informing) Design (emotion) Public Relations Community Relations Analyst Relations Social Ad Campaign Planning Analytics Lead Evaluation Conversions and ROI Organic Search Rank Reports Evaluating and Enacting A/B Tests Each group will need to use both online and offline channels to perform their functions.
  83. The Landscape The Brief The Thought Your Turn The Pitch Groups You Pitch @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  84. The Landscape The Brief The Thought The Goal The Pitch @tnpuig @pauliedery #AdvBrand
  85. The Landscape The Brief The Thought Appendix The Pitch
  86. Digital Ecosystem Branding and content must feel consistent across all channels that exist within the digital ecosystem PAID SOCIAL CONNECTIONS CONTENT DRIVEN Ad Networks Partner Programs Sponsorship Facebook Twitter Google+ Marketers “In the Wild” Events SEO Blog Newsletter PR
  87. Site Activities RESEARCHING WORKING PARTICIPATING CONNECTING Audience Users looking for a solution Existing Customers Community and Activity Owners Stakeholders
 Industry Participants
 / Special Interest Groups Relevant Content Service Benefits FAQ Contact Product Mix Offers Testimonials Support Login Resources Platform Status Blog White Papers Case Studies News Social About the Company Careers Contact Team News Social
  88. Strategy It is broken up into seven key activities: 1) KPIs and OKRs 2) Audience Research 3) Channel Research 4) Messaging and Positioning 5) Strategic Planning 6) A/B Testing Plans 7) International territory management Each group will need to use both online and offline channels to perform their functions.
  89. CREATIVE COPY (Selling) 1) Ads 2) Landing Pages 3) Brochures 4) Product Descriptions Content (Informing) 1) Blog Posts 2) E-books 3) Podcasts 4) Infographics 5) Webinars Design (Emotion) 1) Brand Guidelines 2) Amazing Company Swag 3) Quality Control of All External Assets 4) Build of Assets for Ad Network
  90. Communications It is broken up into eight key activities: 1) Public Relations 2) Publicity 3) Government Relations 4) Community Relations 5) Analyst Relations 6) Social Influencer Relations 7) Speaker Pitches 8) Ad Campaign Planning
  91. Data It is broken up into nine key activities: 1) Analytics 2) Lead Evaluation 3) Media Hits and Readership Reporting 4) Sales Numbers Following Ad Campaigns 5) Conversions and ROI 6) Follower Growth 7) Negative SEO Checks 8) Organic Search Rank Reports 9) Evaluating and Enacting A/B Tests