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Suomi finland 2

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Suomi finland 2

  1. 1. We live in Finland Population:about5,5milj. Capital:Helsinki Official languages: Finnish and Swedish
  2. 2. Suomen luonto • Finnish nature is beautiful and diverse. There are trees and lakes, and many animals. In Finland you can pick berries and mushrooms freely. FINLAND HAS CLEAN AIR!
  3. 3. Autumn Colours
  4. 4. Finnish Summer Cottage
  5. 5. Finnish Nature in Winter
  6. 6. NOKIA and FINNAIR • Nokia is a Finnish company of mobilephones. Nokia was sold to Microsoft last autumn. • Finnair is a Finnish airline
  7. 7. MOOMIES-MUUMIT • Moomies are created by Tove Jansson, a Finnish-Swedish author and artist. One of the most famous character is Muumipeikko (Moomintroll) who lives careless and happy with his moomie family.
  8. 8. SALMIAKKI • Mainly we finns eat and love salmiakki, typical Finnish candy. Perhaps some Germans, too?
  9. 9. RYE BREAD-RUISLEIPÄ • Rye bread is healthy Finnish delicacy.
  10. 10. ANGRY BIRDS • Is a popular video game created by a Finnish company called Rovio Mobile.
  11. 11. Santa Claus-Joulupukki Santa Claus lives in Lapland in Korvatunturi. It is a mountain in Lapland. The Santa Claus village is in the city of Rovaniemi. Santa Claus travels by Rudolf the Red Nose reindeer. Santa and his elves bring presents for children on Christmas Eve.
  12. 12. The City of Järvenpää The Arms of Järvenpää There are about 43 000 people in Järvenpää. Järvenpää is situated near Helsinki
  13. 13. Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) • Sibelius is the most famous Finnish composer • His most famous compositions are his Seven Symphonies and the Hymn of Finlandia. • Ainola was Sibelius’s and his wife’s, Aino’s, home. • Nowadays Ainola is a home museum. • Sibelius is buried in his garden.
  14. 14. Our School
  15. 15. STUDENTS´ UNION - Students´union has two representatives from each class. - Representatives are voted in school election. - In student´s union they plan events and about buying new things. - At the moment there are 10 pupils in students´ union. (max. 12 pupils)
  16. 16. Our Class 4 • Our class is nice and we are fair to each other. • The only minus is that we have to study too much! We have desks instead of tables. Every pupil has his or her own desk. In the desk pupils store own rubbers, pencils, exercise books, notebooks and reader books. All pupils have free rubbers, pencils, exercise books, notebooks, reader books and rulers. Wooden desks are practical. Our class has 23 pupils. Our teacher is called Paula Kankaanpää. She is also the head of the school. We call our teachers by their first names.
  17. 17. THE SCHOOL SUBJECTS • Finnish, maths, science, English, PE, Music, art, crafts, RE or ethics. Crafts technical work P.E Hall Crafts textile work Library Some tools Special needs teacher’s class
  18. 18. Oinaskatu school • • • • the number of students:174 classes: 1-6 the number of teachers: 10 The other staff: two school assistants, an afternoon club supervisor, a school secretary, a school nurse(1 day in a week), a school welfare officer, a school psychologist, a school caretaker, a school cook and a school cleaner
  19. 19. School Nurse • We even have a School nurse in our school.
  20. 20. What the pupils can do in a break: • • • • • • • • play tig climb in climbing fran stand and talk swing Sit and chat Play football, pody 1, 2, 3, diabolo, trick ball Jump twist rope Skip rope and scoot 
  21. 21. In the Break
  22. 22. We’ve free school lunch It is really good, even if it’s healthy!!!
  23. 23. Thank You For Watching!