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Bluehost vs Godaddy Infographic

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The Bluehost vs Godaddy Infographic created by PIDeals compares performance, support and all features offered by these two web hosting providers.

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Bluehost vs Godaddy Infographic

  1. 1. bluehost P| Deals has analyzed features and data for many online products and services. Here are the findings for these 2 web hosting providers. SUPPORT EEE bluehost ‘3*‘*’-‘#9’411%? " Legend: 2«fi_. v'7’ Phone g 24,-‘? Live Chat Ticket System @Emai| Knowledge Base PERFORMANCE 99.99% C9 99.89% I-9 8 Uptime -C g 320ms C9 784ms _Q Sewer Response Time 0.247s 0.297s Results from monitoring several known | Ps hosted x-41." provider during Nov 29, 2015 - Dec 28,, 2015 COMMONALITIES Free D°maI" and Unlimited Bandwidth 1 Website Per Account No Free Migration / or Transfer 1-Click Installs 25 Subdomains Linux Servers No Free Advertising Credits INDIVIDUALITIES nit? ) Disk Windows Max Email Free Website Automatic Space Servers Addresses Builder Backups EW EIIII @K E @ §. :‘”r’. *‘§+> Control Max FTP MySQL Panel Users Databases E E MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 48 Hours monthly purchases . ' . __, .r_i_ (V. J . ‘I/ . , | ‘ ‘iv 45 Days annual purchases Note: Free Domain Registrations cannot be refunded. You will be charged the assigned value of the domain. COMPANY INFO 8: PRICING EMPLOYEES 700 CUSTOMERS 2 Million BASE PRICE . BASE PRICE 1'! if v-- . _. ' as $3.95 ‘Ii . ; ' $4.99 *0‘ in WHO DESERVES THE CROWN? INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY P| Dea| s collects and analyzes data on products and services used by . online businesses. Through meticulous research P| Dea| s exposes hidden costs and unfavorable terms and conditions associated with such products and services. Compare items quickly and easily with our unbiased reports. were skeptical, you should be to. http: //www. pidealscom/ who Learn how to blog, make money online and get a lot of traffic. Tips about social media, SEO, internet marketing 8 online business. http: //nopassiveincome. com/ The services and offerings represented in this infographic are from each hosting providers base package sources: b| uehost. com - godaddycom - ark| inux. org - sitegeek. com - pingdom. com - webpagetest. org