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Path Worldwide in 2015

Lets face it company creds decks are pants. Occasionally there is no other option but to create such a document. This is one we did in 2015. Will never capture the spirit or energy of an agency, but as I said, sometimes your hand officious pitch conditions.

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Path Worldwide in 2015

  1. 1. We write remarkable strategy.
  2. 2. Because shopper and consumer journeys have merged. Becoming immediate, dynamic and unmapped.
  3. 3. We write strategy dedicated to reducing the cost of your marketing.
  4. 4. and making creativity more efficient.
  5. 5. Creatingnewpaths. Clearingcrowdedpaths. Shorteningpaths. Weaimtochange behavioursacrossyour consumerpathways.
  6. 6. International & Big Brand Experience Extensive Consumer & Shopper Journey Experience A Passion for Unique Channel Understanding
  7. 7. Ourstrategyismakingthesebrandscreativemoreefficient
  8. 8. Wecollaboratewith expertstodeliverthe strongestandmost appropriatecreative product.
  9. 9. ‹#› Consumers under 40 don’t see the relevance of traditional champagne marketing ! Laurent-Perrier is the ultimate family owned, craft business.! ! We defined modern discernment and the role champagne can play in a Millennial lifestyle that seeks authenticity in craft skills ! “Working with Path has inspired ! Laurent-Perrier to look ! afresh at it’s business’ ! David Hesketh MW, Managing Director. Laurent-Perrier UK!
  10. 10. Instigators, Collaborators, Creators.