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The 6 Traits of Elite Account Managers

Ah, account managers: the unsung heroes of every project.

Part project manager, part sales, and part magician, account managers tirelessly work behind the scenes to make sure everything is going smoothly.

In this Slideshare presentation, we look at 6 defining traits of elite and extremely successful account managers, drawing from our experiences across advertising, digital agencies and sales in various industries.

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The 6 Traits of Elite Account Managers

  1. 1. www.piethis.com
  2. 2. www.piethis.com
  3. 3. They ask questions. Lots of questions. www.piethis.com
  4. 4. This way, they can take their experiences from previous projects and adapt it properly for new situations. www.piethis.com
  5. 5. They ask questions to find out exactly what the client wants to achieve. www.piethis.com
  6. 6. Being inquisitive also lets them know who the real decision makers are, so they can pull strings and get things done. www.piethis.com
  7. 7. www.piethis.com
  8. 8. They go out of their way to make up for the lack of face-to-face communication with clients and agency teams. www.piethis.com
  9. 9. This gives clients more confidence that they have it under control. www.piethis.com
  10. 10. They are in constant sync with the creative and production teams. www.piethis.com
  11. 11. They properly set expectations for everyone they’re working with. www.piethis.com
  12. 12. www.piethis.com
  13. 13. They have an awesome awareness of their industry. www.piethis.com
  14. 14. They get news from many sources, and combine their knowledge with coworkers. www.piethis.com
  15. 15. They use mailing lists or tools like Pie to share best practices with their team. www.piethis.com
  16. 16. This lets them benefit from their own reading and from everyone else’s reading as well. www.piethis.com
  17. 17. www.piethis.com
  18. 18. Elite account management involves juggling two relationships … www.piethis.com
  19. 19. …one with the client, and one with your in-house team. www.piethis.com
  20. 20. The best know how far their team can be pushed, and when it’s time to back down. www.piethis.com
  21. 21. They respect their team because clients will come and go, but the agency team stays the same. www.piethis.com
  22. 22. www.piethis.com
  23. 23. They have a rare combo of project management skills and emotional awareness. www.piethis.com
  24. 24. They know how to secure commitments and push things forward… www.piethis.com
  25. 25. And they also know when to step on toes, but also when to back down. www.piethis.com
  26. 26. www.piethis.com
  27. 27. Before every big meeting, they separately catch up with the agency team and the client. www.piethis.com
  28. 28. They share the meeting agenda and quickly check if there are any questions or issues. www.piethis.com
  29. 29. They prevent unnecessary surprises and gain the confidence of the clients and the team. www.piethis.com
  30. 30. Elite account managers are ultra-prepared, pro-active and respect everyone’s time. www.piethis.com
  31. 31. Read the full article on the Pie blog www.piethis.com
  32. 32. Work Smarter, Together Pie is a web app for sharing things with your coworkers. ! Account Managers can start conversations with their team about industry news, best practices and anything else they find on the web. www.piethis.com
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