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Releasing the Value in Smart Homes

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The Smart Home (or Connected Home) market is starting to mature, with an ecosystem of multiple vendors appearing. The consumer is ultimately paying for all Smart Home services, so how do we deliver real value to them. Introducing CEDIG, Smart Heating and Smart Data.

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Releasing the Value in Smart Homes

  1. 1. Realising the Value in Smart HomesPilgrim BeartNovember 2011 AlertMe.com Ltd www.alertme.com Tel: +44 (0)207 993 9500
  2. 2. Today• Introducing AlertMe• Where’s the Value in Smart Homes?• Market is maturing into an ecosystem• Introducing new products available on our platform: – Smart Heating – Smart Data
  3. 3. Market is maturing• Previous CIR events focussed on: – How consumers are driving the Smart Home – Releasing the full potential of Smart Meters/Grid – Smart Home management platforms – Coopetition in an emerging market• Now the market is maturing• So today, focus on value
  4. 4. Introducing AlertMe• A mass-market platform for the Smart Home – Keeping us all connected to our homes• We’re a service provider – with Products and Apps too• 75% have broadband, 50% have Smart Phones• Smart Home Killer Apps are: – Home Monitoring – Home Energy Management – Smart Heating
  5. 5. Where’s the Value?• The consumer’s perception of value is what drives value for everyone else• The Consumer judges value when they pay: – Directly • buying X for full price (up-front, or monthly) – Explicitly bundled • choosing a service option because it contains X – Surcharges and Taxes • accepting that X is a common good
  6. 6. What do consumers value? Insights from delivering to UK consumers for 4 yearsConsumers’ top three goals are: 1. Saving money 2. Control 3. Peace of Mind (Relax)
  7. 7. Energy Monitoring – Offline or Online?OPTION 1: A Free Energy Display Your energy supplier gives you a colour display which you can putsomewhere convenient in your home, such as on your kitchenworktop. It shows at a glance how much electricity you’reconsuming right now, and gives you a running total of spend so farthis week or month.OPTION 2: Free Online Energy accessYour electricity supplier gives you a service which lets you checkyour household energy use any time you want on the internet,using your own computer, or your computer at work, or yourmobile phone or tablet – all for free. It helps you budget bypredicting your bill, and gives you specific advice on how you cansave energy, for example by showing you which appliances are usingthe most energy, and how to use them more efficiently. You getmore detailed information than Option 1, but you do need to log onto your computer or use an application on your Smartphone toaccess the information.
  8. 8. Energy Monitoring – Offline or Online? Given the choice, which one would you choose? Option 1 - 40% Display Option 2 - 40% Online Depends 12% Neither 8%UK market survey by Critical Research, May 2011. Sample size; 1,224
  9. 9. CEDIGCEDIG: Consumer Energy Display industry group• Comprises majority of UK energy display manufacturers• “Energy Display” includes: • In Home Displays (IHDs) • Real-time online user interfaces (UIs) • Smartphone Apps• Goal : Turn real time energy data into value for the consumer
  10. 10. What do channel partners value?Why do channel partners want to deliver the Smart Home? • Utility: – Maximise benefits of smart metering – Sell Smart services (energy & other) • Telco: – Stop being the dumb pipe Smart – Create an ecosystem to sell services Home • Retailer: – Launch smart platform • Before being disintermediated by manufacturers • Appliances getting connected 1:1 • All this benefits consumer (unified solutions) Wildcard: When will a big b2c player like Apple or Google enter the Smart Home? iPod music player Nest thermostat by Tony Fadell by Tony Fadell
  11. 11. The Smart Home – towards simplicity 1. Visibility 2. Control 3. Automation Unburdened customers Early-majority market Maximised revenue
  12. 12. Ecosystems
  13. 13. The emergence of an ecosystem• Early players built end-to-end platforms – Platform + Devices + Gateways + Apps + UX• Now an ecosystem is emerging: – Specialists focussing on their areas – Some grid-centric, some consumer-centric• Ecosystems need platforms• Platforms need standards
  14. 14. Ecosystem Connectivity TV STB Router ZigBee HA IP et al Heating Hub GatewayIn-home Devices Energy SMHAN: Service ZigBee SE Platform User et al Experience Monitoring IHD Smart Data Analytics Meter
  15. 15. Ecosystem architecture Devices Apps Keyfobs Home API API Monitoring MotionPV Heating Home user Energy experienceEV IHDs Smart Smart Heating Meter Home Cloud
  16. 16. AlertMe Smart Heating WattBox acquisition
  17. 17. The opportunity • UK heating controls of all UK energy is are in the dark ages consumed in homes of home • They don’t optimise: energy goes on heating & – Efficiency hot water – Comfort – Consumer empowerment • (too complicated) • 8m homes don’t even have a room thermostat • Modern programmable thermostats too hard to understand (like 1980’s VCR)Ref: TACMA and the EST study http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm201011/cmpublic/energy/writev/m32.htm
  18. 18. The solution: WattBox™ More Hot Water Less Heat More Heat User instructions Step 1: Ignore it Step 2: Press one of 3 buttons (exceptionally)
  19. 19. WattBox ™ Smart Heating Modern programmable SAVINGS 20 thermostat (fixed time & temp pattern) WattBox learns and 15 reacts to occupancy and your physiological E G and psychological N L V N E needs 10 I U E I T G N N G H C I H U T T H N P G 5 Outside air temperature WattBox improves all three
  20. 20. AlertMe Smart Data Platforms are intrinsically about data
  21. 21. Extracting Value from Data Data Information Value (of many types) Inferred from the data Driving revenue Live, and stored in data warehousee.g. House Temperatures … are cooling fast at night … so buy (sell) insulation
  22. 22. AlertMe Smart Data• We approach data bottom-up – We don’t just collect a mass of data, then look for correlations – We DO understand what real consumers want, as individuals • Leveraging our 5 years of deep consumer insight – Extract the most relevant insights Sell Data • Using patent-pending statistical algorithms – Take customer through engagement journey• Gas analytics as well as electricity Behaviour Behaviour Change Analytics – Leverages WattBox intelligent heating IP personal, simple, actionable• Fully managed, turnkey solution – On scalable platform (already managing billions of datapoints)• Deliverable through legacy means, as well as modern: – Offline (paper bills and Email) – Online (web & SmartPhone) – Interactive (e.g. alerts)• Team hails from Autonomy and Lysanda
  23. 23. Smart Data Energy data Smart Data Engine Customer Value Pre-smart meter OCCUPANCY and Smart meter MODEL In-home data THERMAL LOSS MODELCustomer-supplied data GAS ANALYTICS APPLIANCE MODEL
  24. 24. Data is a strategic asset Convert it to tangible value to boost Brand, sales, retention and acquisition - and reduce OpEx tooValue from Data Benefit to customer Benefit to channelPersonal energy advice New opportunities to save Customer values your money and regain control offeringSpotting opportunities to Improved household Increased salescross-sell and up-sell efficiency(e.g. insulation, or more efficient appliances)Hardware Diagnosis Quicker time-to-fix Reduced call-outs(pre-emptive)Service issue resolution Self-serve Reduced propensity-to-callRemote Support Better care Lower cost-to-serve
  25. 25. Smart Data in action You spent £200 heating an empty home last winter Automatic heating gives 20% savings on your gas bill by only heating the home when you are there. You can save £220 by insulating your home. Your house loses heat very quickly when your boiler is off. Check and see if you are eligible for free insulation, to help cut your gas bill. Your boiler needs servicing Your boiler is taking too long to turn on which is a sign it needs to be serviced. Take our ThermaCare service and leave it to us.
  26. 26. Realising the Value in Smart HomesPilgrim BeartNovember 2011 AlertMe.com Ltd www.alertme.com Tel: +44 (0)207 993 9500